Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS's New Title - Office of Thuggery

Here’s something new, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is getting a lot of heat from Congress, the press and common U.S. citizens. The shoe is usually on the other foot with the IRS being the culprit applying all the pressure. Just ask Wesley Snipes.

It appears that the IRS targeted certain “conservative” groups trying to get or renew their 501-C3 or 501-C4 tax exempt status with the tax agency putting all manner of pressure on these groups and individuals that would seem to border on harassment. However, the big question remains, “Did the IRS break any laws?”

Some in Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike, think they did, others believe what the IRS did, while not illegal, was offensive and inappropriate. Those within the IRS itself are saying that what happened over the last couple of years was the result of “foolish mistakes,” overworked staff and sequestration. Current IRS head, Steven Miller, denies any purposeful wrong doing on the part of him or any of his agents citing that the IRS is not in the business of deliberately targeting certain groups, playing favorites or committing political discrimination. Yet, a look at how the IRS handled the same kinds of requests from liberal and progressive groups, including an Obama Foundation over the same time period, reveals that those in these quarters had absolutely no problem getting what they needed from the IRS, most in a matter of a couple of months. Some conservative Tea Party groups have been waiting nearly two years just to get one simple reply back from an IRS representative.

In a recent Inspector General Report the IRS is being accused of asking for all donor names, even those who gave under $5,000, which, under current law is not a requirement. It wanted to know the political affiliations of the groups’ officers, speakers; which political candidates they supported during election years and what kinds of conversations were taking place during meetings. All of this is highly irregular and borders very closely to the edge of lawlessness and running roughshod over the U.S. Constitution on the part of IRS officials.

The jury is out on whether further Congressional inquiry into the IRS’s behavior will warrant a Special Prosecutor but one thing is for sure, guilty of breaking the law or not the IRS has overstepped itself and has left little doubt that it has become just another radical arm of the Executive Branch of government and little more than a presidential administrative political interrogator. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them move their offices from Washington D.C. to Gitmo seeing how they operate these days.

I have to agree with Representative John Boehner on this one: “Whose going to jail?” I have little doubt somebody will.

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