Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Obama's Israeli Revelation?

It only has taken nearly a lifetime but it would appear (appear is the keyword) that President Obama has finally come to the realization that Israel is America’s only true and reliable friend in the Middle East.

It’s understandable why it would have taken him so long for that revelation to break through. He comes from a predominately anti-American, anti-Jewish background, with a mother and step father who were pro-Islam. His Kenyan father, though not around much during Obama’s upbringing, was still a towering figure in the young lad’s life. That figure was very much anti-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islam. His maternal grandparents , who actually did the raising of the president, were known followers of the anti-Republic, pro-socialist agenda and ensured that their grandson would be tutored by some of the top minds within 20th Century anti-capitalist socialism. Therefore, his pro-Islamic Arab stance in politics should have come as no surprise to anyone even slightly aware of his bio. The surprise wasn’t his past speech in Cairo or the fact that he gave the brush-off to the Israeli Prime Minister during his first four year term as president; the surprise has been his overt turnaround.

Today, before the entire world at a joint press conference in Jerusalem with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at his side, President Barack Obama made a startling statement, “This is hard.” The “this” he was referring to was finding a peaceful resolution to an ongoing 60-year hot-to-cold war situation that exists between Israelis and the so-called Palestinians, as well as those Arab nations surrounding the Jewish State. What was even more surprising was who he has finally come to recognize is the problem and is making it “hard.” Not Israel, not the Jewish people, not the Israeli Knesset or the Prime Minister of the Jewish State, but the Arabs and Palestinians who refuse the most basic of requirements for there to be a peace in the region - The Arab recognition of the State of Israel and its right to exist.

As I listened to the president’s statements in Israel today I was, for the first time since he has become the leader of the free world, a bit proud again and glad to see our nation rise to the challenge and remain Israel’s strongest ally, at least publicly.

Is Mr. Obama’s revelation real and will it last or stand the test of adversity should America be forced to choose between oil and this man’s ingrained background or the guarantee of Israel’s right to exist. Only time and world events will give us the answer to that one, but if today’s, what I felt were genuine remarks from President Obama are to be believed, then whatever fractures he created between the United States and Israel are healing, and that is always a good thing for America.


Anonymous said...

Not so sure it's a time of healing quite yet, the Bible says Israel will be cooperative in their own demise over supposed "peace". Their is no peace if your principals are compromised. This is not a time to put your trust in man and treaties.

Anonymous said...

The West Bank is DISPUTED borders that belonged to Turkey for hundreds of years, then to England , then to Jordan and when Jordan Attacked Israel in 1967 did Israel acquire the West Bank. The West Bank has religious sites to all 3 major religions. It never belonged to the Arabs. It is not their original homeland.
The Arabs are lying as usual.
It belongs to all 3 religions with Israel able to secure the borders of this land.

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