Friday, March 15, 2013

Kevin Pollak's "How I Slept My Way To The Middle"

I don't normally do anything like this on Politically Incorrectile Dysfunction, however, I just read a book by comedian/actor/director/producer Kevin Pollak titled "How I Slept My Way To the Middle." It is basically an auto-biographical journey through Kevin's life from growing up as a Jewish kid in the San Francisco Bay Area to his current place in American entertainment as one of the best impressionist comedians since Rich Little and one helluva fine actor, as his long list of great movie credits would indicate. He has starred in major blockbuster films like "Casino" and "For A Few Good Men," as well as glass ceiling breakers like "Avalon" and the highly acclaimed ensemble film 'The Usual Suspects."

The reason I decided to make a place on what is normally an editorial page for political and religious opines is because in Kevin's book I found such great relaxation from all the bullshit currently taking place, particularly within the American political arena, and just felt that my readers might also need some kind of purely enjoyable, non-agenda directed comic-relief. I know I certainly have and Kevin's beautifully written storytelling has afforded me that much needed respite. This is simply my way of telling Mr. Kevin Pollak how much I have appreciated his tome and his wonderfully entertaining career for the last three decades.

Now I think I will let Kevin and his many entertainment friends speak for themselves about "How I Slept My Way To The Middle." -- Samuel K. Sloan (Editor of P.I.D.)

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