Monday, March 4, 2013

Can Egypt's Democracy Be Paid For With U.S. Sequestration Dollars?

How serious does President Obama and the United States Congress expect the American people to accept this whole notion of austerity and “sequestration” when they are so willing to give U.S. dollars away so frivolously?

The Associate Press announced on Sunday that the newly confirmed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has just awarded Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi with a nice and tidy sum of $250 million in aid for Egypt’s “future as a democracy,” something Senator Obama and the Democratic leadership were onetime opponents of such measures when done by President George W.Bush.

President Obama and the cronies in Congress that support his amateurish Middle Eastern foreign policy programs are more than willing to threaten the American people with a slow down in Social Security and Medicare benefit payments, benefits already bought and paid for by those Americans now depending on those checks and coverage, but is more than willing to squander millions of dollars to a country and leader whom common sense and past experiences will prove one day to turn into an enemy. And, anyone who really believes that Egypt, under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohammed Morsi will ever be a democracy is simply living in an unrealistic dream world.

Like Libya and nearby Syria, Egypt is still on the brink of another revolution and the U.S. sending even one dollar, much less $250 million in any kind of so-called aid shows just how ridiculously naive and out of touch this current administration is with the reality of that region of the world; not that past administrations have been much more enlightened.

This first $250 million is just a down payment to Morsi. If Egyptians meets certain unity benchmarks among its factions, a show of broad support for reform in Egyptian politics, a fair-minded attitude for justice and a show of continued support for the existing Camp David Accord between Egypt and Israel then an additional $1 billion of U.S. funds is guaranteed along with a hefty boast from the International Monetary Fund of $450 million. Hell, anybody can play the good boy role for a certain allotted amount of time for that kind of bread. But it will just be play acting. That isn’t all. President Obama has also promised Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership $300 million in additional monetary support from U.S. taxpayers to spur on “direct support of key engines of democratic change.” I have one thing to say about our government and its elected officials, they do love throwing good money after bad, which is easy to do when it’s not your money but the taxpayers who keep reelecting you to office despite the reem-job politicians give those voters on a daily basis.

American politicians will allow their own citizens to suffer while handing millions and billions to governments like that in Egypt with the “hope” that democracy will ensue. I simply cannot find in any circumstance of the past where a nation’s democracy could be ensured by purchasing it with the price of currency. Democracy, for it to be real and sustainable, must be the greatest desire of the heart of the citizens of any country and those citizens with that desire for liberty and freedom must be willing to sacrifice and pay any price; not dollars, but with blood, sweat and tears to make it happen. Then once attained that democracy must be maintained in vigilance with the same level of veracity by which it was achieved. Real freedom, like genuine love, cannot be bought at any price.

[AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin]

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