Monday, February 11, 2013

Nancy Pelosi - The Blind Leading the Blind

Not only are many of the members of Capital Hill out of touch with their voting districts, most are completely devoid of contact with the real world. Case in point is the illustrious and equally empty-headed Congresswoman from California and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. In an interview over the weekend Ms. Pelosi had the audacity to say, “So, it is almost a false argument to say we have a spending problem. We have a budget deficit problem that we have to address.”

Even the White House had to take a step back from Pelosi’s absolutely ludicrous statement to Fox News’ Chris Wallace and issued its own counter statement from the President’s Press Secretary Jay Carney, “Of course, the president believes that we have a spending problem,” Carney voiced Monday in response to Pelosi. So, it would appear that the White House and those Democratic members of the House who support Pelosi’s view on the subject are at odds, placing the President’s men more in line with arguments from the right. Okay, I won’t go that far, but a bit of a rift is beginning to rear its lovely head which could spell some problems for those wishing to continue the spend, spend, spend mentality that has plagued both sides of the political aisle for several decades now.

Pelosi went on to say that cuts are needed but care must be taken on where those cuts occur so that those who benefit the most from the government spending aren’t hurt by deep cuts into those programs. That is simply government speak for “you can’t touch this” sacred cow or that pork-barrel or that vote-getting incentive I’m counting on to keep me in office next election period.

I will go so far to say I agree with Pelosi on one obvious factor, which is, not only do we have a spending problem which she seems content to ignore, but she is correct in pointing out that this nation does have a serious deficit problem that cannot be ignored or kicked down the road like an old can any longer.

This country has two very serious economic problems - SPENDING and DEFICIT - and one cannot be ignored or put aside for the sake of the other. They must both be met head on through a rational series of budget-spending cuts and increase in revenue. Sounds like common sense which is the one commodity that has been lacking in the White House and on Capital Hill for decades now. If we ignore reigning in spending and go after more revenue from anyone - rich, middle class, business class, etc., then all we do as a voting public is allow this untamed, ravenous beast called Washington D.C. to continue on its trek of spending without accountability. If, on the other hand, we cut, cut and cut indiscriminately without the requisite increase in revenue then only those most vulnerable already in our society will be affected by the spending cuts making this a nation no better off that some third world dictatorial nation waiting for the next U.N. Care package.

As our makeup in the White House and Congress currently is I’m not convinced they have the ability to make the kinds of rational, sacrificial and really tough decisions that are necessary to make the economy what it needs to be for America to survive much beyond 2020. I could be wrong, I sure hope like hell I am.

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