Saturday, January 19, 2013

Whose Headline Focuses On The Important Issues? You Decide!

The following headlines from some of the major news media outlets gives an indication of what they consider the "HARD NEWS" of the day. These major headlines took place on Saturday, January 19, 2013. They give a real tell as to what some of these so-called news agencies think their viewer and readership want to know about the world surrounding them. What do you think?

ABC NEWS: "(Lance) Armstrong Tearful Over Telling Kids Truth"

CBS NEWS: "Armstrong turns emotional in 2nd part of interview - Lance Armstrong loses his composure when Oprah Winfrey zeroed in on the emotional drama involving his personal life"

CNN: "House GOP plans vote on short-term debt measure"

Drudge Report: "STOCKS HIT 5 YEAR HIGH"

Fox News: "Twice as Many Americans Favor More Guns Over Banning Guns"

Politico: "Red State Dems complicate Obama's second term"

The Huffington Post: "NO CLOTHES - GOP Offers 3-Month Debt Extension... PELOSI: NO... Demands Clean Increase... Top Republican: GOP's 'No Budget, No Pay' Proposal Unconstitutional"


National Review Online "THE DEBT - Trillion-Dollar-Coin Fever"

News Busters: "Disgraced Journal News Removes Gun Owner Map"

Newsmax: "Nationwide High Noon Rallies to Oppose Obama's Gun Grab - Pro-gun activists plan to rally across America on Saturday to protest President Obama's proposals to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Rallies are planned in 49 state capitals, all at high noon"

The Weekly Standard: "Economic Face Off"

The Los Angeles Times: "Backyard nuclear shelter? $78,000 please"

The New York Times: "Terror, Prayer and Gunshots: Escapees Detail Sahara Ordeal"

The Washington Post: "Escaped hostages recount horrors in Algeria"

The Washington Times: "Obama administration eases path for ‘Dreamers’ to get behind the wheel"

The Guardian: "Last group of jihadists hold out in Algeria gas plant"

The Wall Street Journal: "American Is Killed in Algeria Siege"

BBC World News: "Hostage nations' Algeria concern"

The Jerusalem Post: "Hamas’s star rising in the West Bank"

Finally I add this one for pure fun and try to scan at least once per week just to tweak my OMG brainwave: Before It's News: "Bank Of America, No Guns Or Ammo Purchases With Credit Or Debit Cards,You Have To Hear This! Video"

This is just a smattering of the U.S. and various world news agencies that I read daily. From the looks of what they each consider "hard news" worthy of their top headline spot it becomes pretty obvious which should be given greater attention in a world where time is becoming the most important commodity available.

If you are a news junkie like myself, which of those listed above capture your attention as worthy of your daily perusal?

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