Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Obama Speech Ultimately Misses the Mark

There was a lot right about President Obama’s inaugural address on Monday January 21, 2013. He opened the speech speaking about the lofty ideas and ideals of freedom, liberty, the binding properties of our constitution and Bill of Rights which offer up to all citizens the Creator’s unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Damn fine start from a progressive.

Mr. Obama continued making gold star points by reminding us all that freedom and liberty, while a gift from the Creator of all that is, isn't fully realized without the valiant effort of its citizens by hard work, vigilance against tyranny and sometime the willingness of some to make the ultimate sacrifice for the common good of all. He also reminded us of the promise of our Founders that we must continue to evolve as a nation and people to make progress in the direction of striving for that idea of a more perfect union and equality by helping those most vulnerable in our society. Again, damn fine start to an inaugural address for a second term President.

The speech lasted a total of twenty-two minutes with the first five or so being spent on what it means to keep us free and the last seventeen minutes basically tearing down every effort made in his opening five minutes.

This liberal progressive President simply couldn’t keep up the facade of a liberty lover for more than a 5th of his speech and had to succumb to his real belief and foundation that despite what he said to the contrary he really is a disciple of the premise that society’s ills can be fully addressed and conquered by government. He forsakes this nation’s foundational mainstay of individualism and personal achievement by proclaiming that the American people “can no longer meet the demands of the day by acting alone.” The president went on to give examples of what he means by that broad stroke statement claiming that no one person can meet head on the forces of fascism and communism or no one person can be expected to instruct all future teachers in the math and sciences, etc. However, what this president still fails to understand and is probably simply incapable of comprehending is that the American way says that everything starts with one person with a dream, a vision for the future, a plan. That one person then enlists the help and aid of other like-minded individuals who bring the dream, vision or plan into a reality. Not government, but individual Americans coming together for common cause.

This one lack of insight is the most debilitating for President Obama and it was made so perfectly clear by his second term acceptance speech this week. He fails to see that it isn’t the amount in a person’s paycheck that matters to make a better America, it is the sense of worth and accomplishment a person receives from a job honestly and well done. We the People are fully aware, much more than this president will ever be, that the strength of our nation is only as vital as its weakest link, those most vulnerable and that is the reason We the People work so hard to resolve, not the inequality of wealth, social standing or lack thereof, but the inequality of opportunity, which was what our constitution and other founding documents demanded and strive for.

The president got it right when he said outworn government programs are inadequate. I would go a step further and state that most government programs, whether old or new, or inadequate to the task of securing the individual self-worth the constitution was designed to insure.

Every citizen should have the “basic measure of security” but never at the price of individual freedom. Benjamin Franklin’s oft quoted statement “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither,” is most appropriate for our times for we have now had two presidents back-to-back who were willing to do just that, sacrifice individual freedom for the sake of a promised security that government will not and cannot ever deliver. Each day that passes we have become witness to freedoms and liberties guaranteed by our founding documents being sifted away into fine powder. First our right to assemble and free speech came under attack under President Bush with his passage of The Patriot Act. Under President Obama we have become witness to government taking over and actually owing private corporations, forcing citizens to buy a product which includes financial and possible incarceration if they do not comply under the “Obamacare” legislation and today we are watching the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution coming under attack by this administration under the guise of safety (there’s that word again) for our children.

If there ever was a time for a sacred few to open their half-closed eyes and ears that day is now. Vigilance is the word of the day and when enough individuals re-catch the dream, vision and plan of our Founders only then will the revolution to recapture the nation’s greatness become a reality.

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