Friday, December 14, 2012

People Kill People - Deal With It!

I know some of my readers are wondering if I would wax poetical over the truly unjustifiable and sad events today in the Northeastern part of the United States with the merciless killing of kindergarten children. Sorry to disappoint but I only have a brief comment.

For those yielding to their emotions over this tragedy in Connecticut and calling for the banning of all guns, I only have this to say: Why not ban cars, cars kill people. Why not ban cigarettes and alcohol, they kill people.

Better yet let's try this tactic: BAN PEOPLE! People kill people.

As sad as this situation is you cannot legislate decent behavior because unstable, indecent, unscrupulous people will find a way to kill even if every thing on the planet gets banned.

Nuf said.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

With Friends Like These

There is an old saying: "With friends like these who needs enemies!" That statement could well apply to the United States of America as it relates to that country's relationship with its only real Middle East ally, Israel.

A while back I wrote how I believed one of the most secret foes of Israel is the current U.S. President, Barach Hussain Obama and with his reelection I think the hatred he holds for the Jewish State will only be made more manifest.

The very public snub Obama gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu several months ago raised a lot of eyebrows in the worldwide diplomatic community and sent a clear message to those in the Arab world and Iran that the relationship between America and Israel was no longer to be business as ususal. The result has been more boldness being shown by the Ayatollahs and Middle Eastern dictators to build up both traditional and non-traditional weapons for future use against Israel, with Obama doing little than toothless threats against Arab and Persian leaders.

The newest indicator of this deep freeze relationship between the U.S. and Israel is the report coming out of Israel that the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and President Obama have come to an agreement that will put 20 F-16 Fighter Jets into the hands of the Egyptian Air Force. This negotiation happened despite a call from Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives to stop all arms and munitions sales to regimes like the Muslim Brotherhood. As usual President Obama is ignoring congressional leaders and doing what he thinks is appropriate behavior against a staunch ally and has basically disavowed the longstanding Amercian policy to not sell weapons are war equipment to a terrorist organization, which the Muslim Brotherhood is.

Some in the Obama administration think that Morsi can be counted on to bring stability to a region already frault with increasing tension. If events from last week are any indication of the tenuous hold he has in Egypt then those F-16 jets are likely to eventually fall into more radical elements within the Brotherhood or some other group lusting for power and will be used against, not only those in Egypt unhappy with the regime but also the State of Israel. Why Obama hasn't figured that out is anybody's guess, but then again, perhaps he has and is simply sending another strong message to his Muslim and Arab friends that he can be counted on in the end to turn his back on the Jews in Israel if and when its enemies surrounding her borders and hidden within them decide its time to make one last attempt at their total annihilation.

For decades since the formation of the Jewish State in 1948 the United States has been the strongest ally of Israel. There have been moments when it was her only friend. However, over the last 15 years America has been more of a fair weather friend and these last 4 years has seen the U.S. actually behave more like a stand-offish embarassed flighty supporter or downright enemy, both publically and in private. Some think this spells disaster for Israel. Yet, those with real wisdom know it is a sign of the decline in the power and influence of America and could result in the complete fall of the great empire once known as The United States of America. Like all who came and went before her, when the ashes have settled and the sun peaks through, the one still standing will be Israel with all those wishing to do her harm strewn about her feet like wounded cockroaches. Israel has the only Friend she needs and the U.S. would do well to heed the lessons from the past.

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