Tuesday, November 27, 2012

U.S. Troops Enter Sinai As Heat Builds Up

If you only follow the elite video "news" media such as CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN or MSNBC, and yes, even Fox News to a point, then here are some important real news headlines you are likely to have missed out on.

How and why did Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu agree so quickly to a cease fire agreement with the Hamas led Palestinian government out of Gaza? The news came as a surprise to many involved with Middle East news and politics particularly since the PM had amassed a large land force of troops ready to enter Gaza in a matter of hours. What happened to make Netanyahu step back from entering Gaza and why did Hamas really stop its missle attacks against Israel? Could it possibly be this missed headline coming out of Israel - "a ceasefire for halting the eight-day Gaza operation Wednesday night, Nov. 21, after President Barack Obama personally pledged to start deploying US troops in Egyptian Sinai next week." I'm not too surprise that the U.S. Obama-backed news media didn't plaster this all over their front pages of the press or internet sites. The last thing Americans want at the moment is more of their soldiers being deployed in another Middle Eastern hot zone. However, that is exactly what was promised by Obama to Netanyahu and Egyptian dictator, er, I mean, President Morsi.

I know that most Americans don't want to see this, but it was a smart move on the one hand and a scary one on the other. It was smart because the presence of American troops in the Sinai adds pressure on Morsi to try and keep those terrorist under Hamas in check, but it also lends American legitimacy to the Morsi takeover of Egypt, which is not a good signal to be sending to those loving freedom right now throughout that region. It is also scary for a more global reason. It could spell the start of increased hostility in the region with superpower nations involved.

A good example of the global impact is this other bit of news coming out of the same area that isn't making a big splash. The Russian Naval forces are stepping up their activity just off the coast of Gaza in the Mediterranean Sea. Over the last 48 hours they have sent six war ships to patrol the area leaving them well within striking distance of Israel and those American troops within the Sinai penninsula.

On the eastern front a supposed document leaking out of Iran shows that the Imans are seeking to step up production and the strength of their nuclear materials needed to make an even more powerful nuclear destructive device than was originally sought after. According to the Associated Press and Haaretz there is a diagram which reveals the development of fissionable material that would make the Iranian bomb three times more powerful than those used in Hiroshima and Nagastaki during World War II.

Also slipping by most of the American press is the report of a fresh new batch of Iranian missles getting ready to be shipped out of the Persian Gulf for their destination to Gaza to replenish those used up in Hamas' most recent attacks against Israel. With the Israeli navy virtually cutting off all ships carrying weapons into Gaza could the presence of the Russian naval force also be there to pose as a threat to the Israelis as they board and inspect those ships coming into Gaza? Will this lead to a confrontation between Israel and Russia which could escalate into a Cuban missle-like crisis in the Mediterranean? How long will it be before the U.S. sends its naval forces around the area of Gaza? When will Russia land its troops in Syria and Lebanon to flank Israel from the North as American troops try and protect Israel's Southern border with the Sinai?

Things in the region are heating up from a slow burn and it wouldn't take much to turn it into a seething powder-keg. All it takes is one wrong or mis-interpreted move on the part of any of the players and the world could quickly find itself in an escalating World War.

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