Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Our Country, America"

A seventh grader at a Nebraska small town public school, wrote “Our Country, America” as an essay to America’s Pledge of Allegiance. Her piece won her the Veterans of Foreign Wars essay contest, as well as becoming Nebraska's statewide winner. This young student's message of hope and commitment is one many adults need to be reminded of.

Our Country, America

I pledge allegiance to the flag:

At school, sixth graders raise the flag for the elementary school and our day begins when we recite the Pledge of Allegiance. The pledge is a promise to never give up hope and always be true to our country.

Of the United States of America:

Our flag is a symbol of unity. The red and white stripes represent the original 13 colonies. White symbolizes purity and red is for the blood that was shed. The 50 stars represent the 50 states. The stars are on a field of blue. Blue stands for justice and freedom and unites the stars like a family. The family of states is called a nation.

And to the Republic for which it stands:

I also pledge my loyalty to our government. It is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. It is formed around our constitution and is protected by our military. Our military protects the rights of every American. I hold a special place in my heart for veterans who have served our country and have protected me. I place my hand over my heart when I say the pledge to honor our veterans.

One nation, under God,:

I believe God is mightier and more powerful than one state, or even one nation. God holds the whole world in His hands.

Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Our 50 states cannot be divided! We are a map of millions of people who are treated equally. Everyone is promised the freedom to life, liberty, and happiness. Each of us should be treated fairly and justly. No one will be treated differently because of how we look, where we live or how much money we have. Liberty and justice is for all.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney Handley Wins Final Debate

The third and final 2012 Presidential Debate is over. With just two weeks left before the general election this exhausting campaign year will soon be over and on November 7 the world will know which path to the future American's have chosen for themselves. Will it be four more years of failed economic policies under Barack Obama, or will the majority of those in the United States say they have placed their hopes and votes in former Governor and CEO Mitt Romney? As far as this last debate is concerned, one in which foreign policy was the leading topic of discussion, I am of the humble but honest opinion that Romney never looked more Presidential than he did in tonight's final debate. And because of that alone, he won the debate. Obama came to attack, insult and belittle the Governor, however, Romney didn't take the bait which threw-off the President's game plan. As a result Obama ended up and came off as defensive, rushed and worried.

While giving the President his just due on his foreign policies that have succeeded, Romney came across as very well informed on foreign affairs and was also able to reiterate, with clarity, the four years of overwhelming Obama failure in domestic, economic and foreign policy.

As a thirteen year military veteran I did take issue with President Obama's attempt at sarcasm aimed at Mr. Romney when he tried, but failed, to belittle the Governor's knowledge of "just how the military works." I believe it's the current Commander and Chief that needs a bit more of a military education. For starters, just to clarify the inaccuracy of the President's comments concerning the use of horses and bayonets. In certain arenas of combat today in the U.S. Army Calvary, they still use the tried and true horse. Also, Marines routinely still use bayonets as a vital part of their weaponry. One other thing Mr. Obama needs is lessons in military lingo. Submarines are not "ships that go under water," they are correctly referred to as boats. You'd think a real Commander and Chief would know that. While this may seem nit-picking to some, I think it is another case of showing just how out of touch with the reality of his job this President is.

There were some comments on various social media sites applauding President Obama for showing his ability to put out the bullshit and make it eatable for the general public in this debate. I agree that when it comes to slinging bullshit, next to Bill Clinton, Obama is a very close second. But people, at least those with any kind of intelligence and real concern for the future of this nation, have grown tired of the BO-BS and want someone who can get this country back on the track to greatness. After these three debates and a horrific four year record as President, I believe the answer to who can get that job done has been answered. The man for the job is Mitt Romney.

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