Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Mental Gymnastics" - The Blame Game

The other day a Facebook friend of mine posted a picture of a small child, about three or four years old, living in abject poverty in some small African village. The little one was all bent over, near death, bloated stomach, bones easily visible and panting what was no doubt his last remaining breaths of life. Not too far behind the child was a patiently waiting vulture just standing as if knowing a fresh meal was soon to be had.

My friend commented that it was this kind of horrific event in human life that proves to him there can be no real existence of God because a loving, caring God surely would not allow for such a terrifying tragedy to happen in the life of such an innocent.

I was naturally horrified at the sight of that young infant but had to take umbrage with my friend’s remark. I am no defender of God. If God does exist or not isn’t even the point of the picture and to take it down that road removes all responsibility from the very one’s responsible for such atrocities; we human beings. Besides, God doesn’t need someone of my limited intelligence to argue a case for It’s existence.

The picture, however, doesn't prove the non-existence of a God, but does prove the free will of men and their audacity to let this happen to their fellows. God, if It exists at all, will not intervene when it is within the power of humankind to fix their own problems. We simply refuse to fix them.

I’m not making a scientific claim that God exists. That is one hypothesis that is unprovable because if God does exist and is infinite, as those who claim Its existence to be, and we do exist since - I am therefore I think - (Descartes got it backwards) and we are finite (we are born then die), then we, being finite creatures trying to prove or disprove the infinite is an exercise in futility. One cannot prove or disprove the existence of the infinite - both ideas become a matter of faith.

There are those who have faith that God exists and those who have faith that God doesn't exist. Both sides try to offer up arguments for their positions because that too seems to be part of the finite human condition, we feel the need to explain or justify what it is we have faith in. However, both cannot empirically prove their position because proof is best left within the realm of science. This is one subject real science doesn't bother with because, quite frankly, it is a monumental waste of time and an impossibility.

What I claim is that the argument being presented by the image of human travesty (in this case a starving & neglected child), doesn't prove that God is non-existent any more than a picture of a fat, well-fed, rosy-cheeked, smothered-in-love child is proof God does exists.

As a side, just for those who believe a well ordered and saintly life is not possible without faith in a God I must conclude from my own observations over the past six-plus decades of life that in order to "live a good life" a belief in a God or some other kind of supernatural being is not prerequisite. In my many worldly travels across this the globe I have known some pretty strong believers in God, Jesus, Allah, Krishna - ad infinitum, who were downright dreadful human beings, and have also known agnostics and atheist who were wonderful, loving, caring citizens. Faith in God, or the lack thereof, holds no patent on what we might term today as decent human behavior.

So to all who espouse the opposite I would say that there is no such thing as a "lack of faith." Everyone is born with faith. Just as breathing and the heart beat is a natural part of the physical life, faith is a natural part of the mental and emotional life (or what some term spiritual life). Without it nobody could function at all but would be frozen in panic and indecision. Faith is the engine that runs human drive, ingenuity, curiosity and the ability to cross an untested bridge. Everyone who is human has faith. We use it every day of our lives. Many have simply chosen to use it to accept the unprovable notion that God doesn't exist just as many have chosen to use it to accept the unprovable notion that God does exist. Neither side is right or wrong, just driven by that natural human function to believe.

Anything not yet proven by the empirical scientific method is based on faith as the word is properly defined. For instance, in my field of medical physics we have faith or a certain belief, based on as yet unproven mathematical equations, that such and such will be the end result of the hypothesis put forth and will one day be substantiated by fact once it meets the specified documented, repeatable results in the laboratory or clinical setting within the boundaries set forth. Until that day arrives we call our belief a theory. But, at the heart of that theory, when all the outward display of equations and graphs are removed, what remains is faith. Since proof requires the truth or fact to be noticed or known when it is achieved then having the ability to prove an infinite God's existence requires the very thing human beings lack - that ability to know it when they see it - infinity of being. Therefore, in science we have limited our studies to those things which are provable by the scientific method within our vast, yet limited, finite frame of reference.

All I have just written was done so to lay claim to the truth of the statement that to not believe in God requires the same faith as to believe in God because neither state of mind can be scientifically proven, and a hypothesis not yet proven by that method is based on a system of belief - or what has been coined as faith.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Every Jewish American Needs to See This Video


Every Jewish American voter needs to watch this video, absorb its content and seriously reflect on its message before casting your vote for President in November 2012.

הסרטון הטוב ביותר נגד אובמה

President Obama - What Kind of Liar Is He?

Is President Barack Obama a purposeful liar, or a compulsive, pathological liar? This is an important question because his record as a campaigner and President are fraught with embellishments, half-truths, little white lies and out-right untruthfulness which leads to the asked question.

It is understood that politicians by nature do not always tell the truth. People have come to expect that kind of behavior from time to time from even the most trustworthy of government servants of the people. Remember these timely lies from recent memory?; “I know nothing about selling arms for hostages” (Ronald Reagan), “Read my lips - no new taxes” (George H.W. Bush), “I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky” (Bill Clinton) and the grand-daddy of all lies “I am not a crook!” (Richard M. Nixon). Every political office holder, from the local elected sheriff, State elected official, national office holder and Presidents has stretched the truth or outright lied for a variety of reasons. Some of those lies are necessary for reasons of national security and the American people give their leaders a lot of leeway when it comes to that kind of non-disclosure. However, most politicians lie for less honorable reasons. They were breaking a civil law, acting against the Constitution or the nation’s best interest, being unfaithful to a spouse or their constituents, were caught taking bribes or kick-backs, or the most common reason - making campaign promises they knew they would never or could never keep but did so to garner votes and dollars from individuals and corporations.

What we have coming from Barack Obama the campaigner and Barack Obama the President has been phenomenal when it comes to stretching the truth or bold-face lying. The number of his lies since 2008 are unprecedented and verge on the pathological, which, if is the case, is quite a frightening prospect coming from the most powerful person on the planet.

The difference between the two main types of liars is important to define, particularly since we are talking about the President of the United States. A Purposeful Liar would be considered by the psychological community to be a sociopath. It is someone who lies on purpose to ensure that they get what they want regardless of the consequences to anyone else. They are generally highly intelligent, ambitious to a fault and very goal oriented. They are idea people who prefer leaving the details to others. Another kind of liar can be referred to as Habitual Liars or Chronic Liars. The clinical term is Compulsive Liar (Pseudologia fantastica or mythomania). Those that fit this category of liar are very aware that they are not telling the truth and, like the Purposeful Liar, do so purely for personal gain. However, their lying has become some engrained in their character that it has become a negative habitual part of their personality that they find virtually impossible to stop doing. This type of behavior generally begins in early childhood and is done because from early-on the child feels it is necessary to do in order to acquire whatever it needs from an adult they want or need something from, whether it is a material, psychological or emotional need. It becomes pathological in nature when carried on into adulthood. Those in this category appear to have no conscious when it comes to lying and are not in the least bothered by their behavior.

President Obama is a liar. His record of lying is very clear, available to anyone with even a remote interest in investigating it. If we begin in early 2004 we can look at the then Senator Obama’s first recorded lie, at least recorded as it relates to his bid for the White House. Newly elected to the U.S. Senate by his constituents in Illinois he told them that he would not seek the office of President of the United States.

“I can unequivocally say I will not be running for national office in four years.” (bold typeface mine).

Okay, we will give him that one. That is one lie every ambitious politician in history has been guilty of.

But, one of his biggest lies and one that will never go away was his statement concerning his rejection of accepting any kind of federal funding during the election in 2008. The McCain/Finegold Campaign Finance Reform Act stated that candidates running for national office would need to keep their campaign federal spending to no more then $84 million. Obama publicly agreed with the act but, being a liar, ignored it and spent a total of more then $605 million. This gave him a substantial and unfair financial leap over McCain, who legally adhered to the act. In fact, since 2008 Barak Obama is the only person to refuse to adhere to federal financing mandates in 32 years. Typical behavior for a liar.

The list of lies is so long for this President that it baffles the mind how anyone could ever continue supporting him or vote to re-elect him for the center seat of American politics and the most powerful position in the world. Since his campaign run in 2008 up to his third year as President he has an unprecedented 80 plus lies on record that can be verified, read, viewed or listened to. I won’t bother to list them all here but to read them for yourself there are many websites that have them available for review. Here are just a few that will give you a full accounting:

Obama Lies

The First 100 Days: 100 of Obama's Lies.Blunders.Gaffes and Abuses of Liberty

Obama's Laundry List of Lies

Snopes Refutation of Some of Obama's Laundry List of Lies

PolitiFact List of Barack Obama's Habitual Lies to America

The Lies of Obama

A Long Post: The Complete List of Obama Statement Expiration Dates

The list could go on but I see no reason to labor the point any more then I already have. I will give just two other important lies from the President that all by themselves should disqualify him from receiving votes from any one even remotely interested in having someone of at least a modicum of integrity in the Oval Office.

While campaigning against Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primary process he stated that her requiring all Americans to be forced to purchase healthcare was not the correct path to take and as President he would never do such a horrendous thing. However, his ObamaCare initiative contained one element which was the most controversial and led to 23 States taking the federal government to the United States Supreme Court to have it overturned. It was the individual mandate, which the President called a penalty fee and not a tax. It requires every American to have to purchase a healthcare policy or be subject to personal monetary loss. The Supreme Court allowed the mandate to stay when the President's lawyers agreed it was a tax all along and not a penalty. This terrible lie will cost Americans literally trillions of dollars for generations to come.

The second big lie from President Obama concerns border security. He promised that he would clamp down hard on illegal immigration by "securing our border and passing tough employer enforcement laws.” What Americans got was a border gun-running ATF bungled operation that cost the life of a border patrol agent, an Arizona rancher and an ICE agent. Code named "Fast and Furious" this is probably the biggest lie so far in this President's long and growing list of offenses. This lie is so damning that he issued an order for Executive Privilege so members of Congress investigating the incident would not be allowed to view documents that would likely incriminate him, his Attorney General and members of his Executive Staff from civil and federal prosecution.

There is no doubt that this man is the most profound liar to ever hold the prestigious office of President of the United States. That is saying quite a lot because the nation has seen some really good liars come and go but to date President Obama holds the record for outright lying to the American people.

Is he a sociopath or pathological? That is for you to decide. Either way, with this debilitating amoral condition he doesn't deserve another four years in that center chair to continue his reign of untruthfulness in governing our great country.

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