Friday, May 25, 2012

Rants on Abuse of Power, Political Ads & Out of Touch Politicos

‎9/11 has given the United States government ample opportunity to illegally spy on it's own citizens in the name of citizen safety and are even now beginning to utilize armed drones on American soil against those self-same citizens. This is intolerable. When will our elected officials grow a pair and put a stop to this rape of our Constitution? I know they don't want those citizens to have to call a halt to it so they had better consider it soon or like the Hollywood film "Network," a majority of Americans are getting to that brink of being mad as hell and not taking it anymore. I am not talking about your radical extremist, trouble making anarchists or gang mentality. This is starting to hit home in middle America and elected officials on all levels would be wise to remedy this through the means set forth in our Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence. One think is for sure: You don't want citizens to be like the comic book character The Hulk - you really don't want to make the common, hard-working, gun-toting, tax-paying citizen angry - you won't like them when they're angry.

If I ever get over my head financially I know how to get out of deep debt. I'll simply continue spending money I don't have. Should work, right? Funny, President Obama, the Congress and a majority of liberals in America think it will. Somehow it simply doesn't work with my personal budget and I'm pretty sure it won't work on a national level either. So, why are we still listening to these clowns?

Recently I saw a banner on a site that had Ann Romney on one side and a black mother with her children on the other. On the Romney side it said: When this woman stays home with her babies, the GOP faithful revere her and call her "hard working." On the other side of the banner it stated: When this mother stays home with her babies, the GOP faithful call her "lazy" and accuse her of failing to instill in her children the proper "values."

I became incensed over the blatant dishonesty of that political advertisement. Pointing my ire, not at the one who posted it but to all who might actually believe it to be true I shouted NOT TRUE! If we are ever to stop this stalemate and get America out of its quandary then we have to stop taking each other out of context with these ridiculous sound and visual bites. It serves no purpose other than to further divide an already split apart country. This kind of hatred really needs to stop. At least try and speak contextual truth or don't speak at all. I also made it quite clear that my knee-jerk response was directed to all sides - Liberals and Conservatives and anyone in between.

One person even had the audacity to ask what was out of context about the banner. Once again I was astounded at the lack of clear thinking or was wondered at the opaqueness of the intellect of someone who could even ask such a question. What's out of context? I asked. You mean I have to spell it out? It isn't overtly obvious? That the GOP "faithful" think that black stay at home moms are lazy and don't instill in their children proper values. That's absurd and anyone of even the remotest of intelligence has to know that it is a stereotype not a fact. Are there those kind of folk in the GOP? Of course. But, is that the mindset of the GOP faithful? Hell no. Are there racists in the DNC? Absolutely. But are the DNC faithful racists? Of course not and for me or anyone else to put up a banner stating so would make me and them just as guilty as those who made this ridiculous piece of divisive tripe for public consumption.

Those who put out, disseminate and believe such ads are not the GOP or DNC standard mouthpieces. They are the mouthpieces and disciples of certain individuals that have made their living on radio and television spewing their ultra-right or extremist left ideologies. When I refer to the GOP and DNC I am speaking of official spokespersons that represent the vital interest of each of their respective parties. If I were to hold the GOP or DNC accountable for something a rabid talking head, book-huckster, political interest group backed by some millionaire with an axe to grind, or by what the myriad of radio/television opinionated hot-heads had to say then I might be inclined to fall in the hate all politicians line. But those who create such ads as the one being referenced here (from any group) do not represent the interests of the GOP the DNC or the American people but are there to create division, animosity and derision within the ranks of the voter. These kind of ads are not intended to educate the voter, but to infuriate them into some kind of non rational, emotional response. We need informed voters going to the polls so they can choose who is best suited to help bring this nation back from the abyss. Not ads that cause them to become a mob mentality with torches and pitchforks ready to plunge themselves and the supposed bad guys over it.

Mitt Romney, Presidential candiate for the Republican nomination, stated on Thursday, May 24, that how a student learns doesn't depend on the size of the classroom. He was implying that, according to some statistics, students will learn according to their ability and is not determined by the number of students one teacher has to try and educate. While there is some truth to that statement, students do learn at whatever intellectual level they are genetically capable of, experience has proven that even the most challenged student will learn more if the teacher has fewer students in the class and is able to concentrate their efforts to a more capable number. Romney's statement on class size was ridiculous for the most part. The numbers in his statistical report may fit and look good on paper, and the Governor is a very capable numbers crunching guy. However, his adherence just to those numbers shows one of Romney's greatest weaknesses and one that could cost him the election. Whether true or not, it is statements like those he made today that make him appear to have only one toe in the real world of the average American citizen.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

President Struggles for Nomination in His Own Party

Just a few months ago who would have thought that President Barack Obama would be struggling to get his party's nomination? He was almost a guaranteed shoe-in with the Democratic Convention seen as nothing more then a formality. However, within just three months all that has changed.

First you have former President Bill Clinton being quoted by author Edward Klein for his new book. Clinton told Klein that Obama was a rank "amateur." Soon after this was released to the press Clinton supposedly called on his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to step down from her cabinet position and give the President a run for his money as a main contender for the Democratic nomination.

A few weeks ago, after North Carolina residents flatly rejected a same sex marriage ballot proposal by a huge 62% margin against, the President, under pressure from wealthy gay supporters, came out and publicly supported the ruling. This after Vice President Biden upstaged him by doing so days before him. The President's declaration of support went smack against thirty-two other States that have strongly voted against such a law, including the very left leaning State of California. The President found himself in the vicarious position of supporting a proposal that the majority of Americans have rejected, especially the independent and uncommitted voter that have shown themselves to also be against such a bill.

As a result of this awkward situation the President found himself almost losing the primaries in several southern States this past week. In Kentucky and Arkansas, admittedly right leaning States, the President barely eked out a win with a very small margin of lead. In Kentucky he almost lost out to Uncommitted on the ballot and in Arkansas a virtual unknown on the political scene by the name of John Wolfe racked-up forty-one percent of the vote.

What does all this really mean for the President? It tells him, those on his re-election campaign, in the Romney camp, and the rest of us that he is very vulnerable at this time. With the economy continuing to tank, unemployment still at well over 8% and showing no real signs of improving, his stance on same-sex marriage, his continued support for an unpopular health care plan, and rabid support of failed and bankrupt alternative energy sources while stifling domestic oil production causing gas prices to remain falsely inflated, the President is in real danger of losing his party's nomination, not to mention the general election should he prevail with the Democrats.

All this is good news for Mitt Romney, if, and only if, he knows how to take advantage of the situation - something the Governor has proven to be very effective at during his own primary campaign against fellow Republicans. What Romney needs to do is stay focused on the main issue - THE ECONOMY, and not allow himself or his campaign to get side-tracked with distractions like whose head did he shave as a kid, Bain Capital and other future side-show antics the Democrats are likely to try and distract the American voter with over the course of this electoral process. Since the President has no real positive record to run on for his first four years in office, except his getting Bin Laden to ground, then he must rely on tactics that try and force the voter to look the other way while he performs his political slight of hand. Even he knows that the "Blame Bush" card no longer flies with the independent and uncommitted voter. These last four years are his to own and even the most jaded supporter of the President's has to admit they have been hard and bleak years.

There is one thing that might save his Presidency for another four years. Dare I mention it? Replace Joe Biden on the ticket with Hillary Clinton. That would be that great slight of hand distraction that would assure him of another win. The only question would be - Is Hillary too much of a States-person to allow that to happen or is she just another political hack looking for a bigger payday? Right now America and the world needs the former.

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