Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cleaning the Political Palette

There comes a time in every political writer or blogger’s life when they need to sit back and take some time off from the scene to clean their palette. That time usually occurs at a particular period within an election year. In the United States that is about once every two years. That time for me is now.

We are in that stage during this current election phase when the two major parties have pretty much chosen their lead horses. For the Republicans it appears to be Governor Mitt Romney. For the Democrats, short of some kind of coup d'├ętat from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, President Barack Obama is their man.

With the major players on the chess board there is little for a blogger to do but wait to see if either one of them, or one of their mouthpieces pulls a Howard Wolowitz and says or does something so stupid or outlandish that it warrants a mention. Until the actual Presidential debates and then the conventions for each party it’s really kind of bores-town and a good time for us to reflect on some of the deeper meanings of life and concentrate on those more important questions. Questions like:

What really happens after one dies?

Who will be the next American Idol?

And, the most important of all -

What will Hugh Laurie do with that cane now that House is over?

As I sit here meandering and mulling these big conundrums over and over in my mind, pecking away at the keyboard I come up short on what life is like without something politically tangible to write about. I feel like that innocent bug found on the floor of your bathroom that you scrape up with a bit of toilet paper and flush down the drain without a moments concern over its future or destination. Is that what a political blogger is? Nothing more then a bug? Probably.

But, I have the satisfaction of knowing that you, my readers, and all those who may even be disgusted with what we bloggers have to say, were willing to waste three gallons of water, which can be quite expensive in today’s economy - an economy that neither Obama or the Congress is willing to fix - just to flush this little insignificant bug into the wasteland of the taxpayer’s public water treatment system.

Thank you and till next time ---

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