Friday, May 4, 2012

The United States of Europe

It has long been proclaimed by certain religious and political types that one day Europe would be united under one banner and one leader. This has always been seen by those so-called latter day prophets as not being a good thing for Europe or the world in general. After today's news coming out of the European Union these prophets may be more in tune with reality then once thought and may have new reasons to be on alert.

According to the U.K. internet press site Express, certain high level members of Europe's elite want to eliminate the whole idea of individual States having sovereignty and self-control by pulling all members under a more tightly controlled umbrella of Eurocrats with one charismatic leader as its figure-head. According to the press release this isn't just a dream of these bureaucrats but they are busily working behind the scenes secretly plotting to make it happen their way.

Their first intention would be to "create a super-powerful" EU president. By doing so they hope to remove what they perceive as their biggest obstacle in the path to their vision - Great Britain. By abolishing this one vestige of democracy they believe smaller nation states will quickly get in line. This new EU president would not be voted in by voters from the member States and owe his/her allegiance to no one but the Eurocrats who put him/her in power. This new EU President would have vastly more authority and "power then the President of the United States", according to UK Independent Labor peer Lord Stoddart of Swindon.

Some of those working behind the curtain to achieve this lofty and what some call devilish goal are groups like the secretive and little known Berlin Group. It's not certain if this group is in any way connected with the European financial card group of the same name. Many fear that if proven to be true Europe would return to the dark days of the Holy Roman Empire or worse, the horrific era of Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Express is claiming that Lord Stoddart has uncovered these secret talks. There is also concern that the English Prime Minister David Cameron and his coalition government knows about it as well and is doing little to stop or fight against it.

What has many parliament members concerned is the recent developments in the EU in which Great Britain is being literally ignored in these political and economic union meetings. This is seen as a confirmation of the supposed sinister plot of the Eurocrats to usurp the individual powers of the member States. Others such as Euro MP Paul Nuttall, a long time critic of EU's methods of governance, are calling on Britain to leave the European Union as soon as possible saying that "This is a plot by people who want to abolish nation states and create a United States of Europe."

Of course the biggest question is, could such a scheme actually work? Many in European leadership believe that with the growing immigrant problems in countries like France and The Netherlands, the quickly growing and out of control economic fiascos being played out daily in Greece and Spain and the renewed threat of Russian strength along the Eastern European boundaries, such a union under the control of one powerful person is not only possible and achievable but inevitable.

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