Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dependencies - Becoming American Way of Life?

There's an old adage that says you can make numbers mean whatever you want them to. Numbers can be a bit like a religious text, they can take on any meaning if not presented properly and in the correct order.

There is a new set of numbers out there as it relates to the growing dependency of Americans on government for their everyday subsistence and no matter how you cut it these numbers are not lying or being misused in a deceptive way.

The Heritage Foundation's newly released study reveals that average American resident's dependence on federal government spending has dramatically risen to 23% in just two and one-half years that President Obama has served as this nation's leader. That represents the sharpest rise of this kind since the end of World War II and comes to the tune of 67 million people being on at least one type of federal entitlement program (excluding social security, medicare and G.I. assistance). The study shows that the greatest areas of dependence have been in Medicaid, housing and food stamp distribution, therefore making the title "Food Stamp President" an accurate description of Mr. Obama.This is just one more thing on a growing list Mr. Obama can add to his ledger of failures since being elected President in 2008.

Mr. Obama promised to bring "change" and he has done so by changing America from a self-dependent, can-do society to one of lackluster dependence on a government handout. President Obama has overseen the largest generation of dependency on U.S. government handouts since Jimmy Carter back in the 1970's, has spent nearly triple the money in just three years then George W. Bush did in eight (including monies spent on wars after 9/11). In that same time period he has elevated the national debt more than all Presidents before him going all the way back to the first, George Washington. Obama has dealt a deathly blow to individual religious freedom guaranteed by our Constitution with the forcing of religious institutions to a mandate that makes them offer contraceptive, abortive and other practices that force them into what they consider unfaithful and unconscionable behavior. This President has also allowed the government to choose which companies will fail by making the U.S. government the owner of said businesses if they are deemed "too big to fail."

Mr. Obama has accomplished this anti-constitutional, anti-liberty state of affairs in just a little under three years and has turned America into an unknown quantity that resembles less and less of what its founders envisioned. What will we look like if this dangerous democratic czar-appointing despot is given another four where he has nothing to loose? God Forbid!

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