Sunday, January 29, 2012

True Liberalism Stolen by Marxist Elites

As an avid student of history for over 50 years the one thing I try never to do is be a modern revisionist, as is the case with many who espouse a historical viewpoint today. I stand by my statements concerning the original definition of Liberalism. In the last half of the 19th Century and for the first 60 years of of the 20th Century liberalism was defined as an ideology that generally favoured legislation restricting the civil authority and political power of a centralized governing body. It espoused such unique ideas as constitutionalism, a democractic republic with free and fair elections, human civil rights, free enterprise capitalism, and freedom of religious expression. This is a simple fact of the times. Those times changed dramatically under the auspices of Lyndon Baines Johnson when the ideology of true liberalism was yanked away from its moarings and stolen by those with leanings that favored a more European-marxist ideology of the State knowing what's best for society - an idea that says the constitution given by this country's founders is no longer valid, capitalism is bad and religion has negative value and is nothing more than an opiate for the masses. I do not believe those who think today's Johnson-liberalism are bad people, they are just wrong-thinking individuals who have either lost the vision of the founders or never really knew, understood or accepted them in the first place.

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