Sunday, December 30, 2012

Now Is The Time?

There is a link on Facebook for NOW IS THE TIME which says that after such tragic events in Newtown, Aurora, etc., now is the time for our leaders to act. The site proclaims that now is the time to demand a plan. Three of the site's biggest demands are:

1. Require a criminal background check for every gun sold in America.

2. Ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.

3. Make gun trafficking a federal crime, including real penalties for “straw purchasers.”

Of course, what this site fails to mention is that most States already have laws that ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Nearly all States require a criminal background check for every weapon sold. Hand guns can take weeks to acquire. And, gun trafficking is already a federal crime (unless of course, it is the U.S. Government behind it - remember "Fast and Furious?")

What NOW IS THE TIME wants to do is remove this burden of responsibility from the States and give the Federal Government (or, God forbid, the United Nations) full control over the gun issue in the United States. This would simply be just one more step in helping to fullfil the government's agenda voiced several years ago by the once Attorney General Janet Reno when she announced that, "Waiting periods for (private gun ownership) is only a step. Registration is only a step. Prohibition of private firearms is the goal."

I have a plan that doesn't call for the dismantling of the United States Constitution. There are already hundreds of laws on the books dealing with gun enforcement does anyone really see a need for more? How's this for a plan: Begin to truly enforce the myriad of laws already on the books without infringing on the Constitutional right to bear arms. Stop pounding the pavement by supporting the ridiculous cause of banning all guns, which would require an overhaul of our founding documents, and take the current laws about controlling gun sales, gun registration and tough sentences on those who use guns in violent crime. Go after those who use guns unlawfully with the massive amount of laws already in place instead of denying guns to citizens who have the right to own and use them for personal protection of life, limb, family and property, or for sport and hunting.

Most States already have very stringent laws concerning guns, especially those used by those individuals in the towns mentioned earlier. Connecticut has one of the toughest laws on record for the type of assault weapon that madman used to kill those teachers and children. The problem isn't more laws or "A PLAN." The problem lies in society's unwillingness to enforce the laws already in place.

Many in this society think that disarming the general public will do more for it's safety than enforcing current laws and legislation. They are woefully in error and all past societies who have done this are proof of it's failure. The only two things this will accomplish is give people a false sense of security and will remove the only means available to a free society to really protect itself from those who will have the arms: government, police and criminals, the very groups our founding fathers feared the most for the safety of the common people.

Those wanting most to eliminate guns from their society are the one's most adamant about their right to free speech, freedom of expression and a free press. What they fail to understand is that first amendment right can only be guaranteed by their second amendment right to bear arms. In order for any ruling class to gain control over the masses in a Constitutional Republic like America the need to eliminate their first amendment rights is paramount and to do that one must first get rid of their second amendment rights. Our U.S. government's plan is in full effect and ignorantly being advanced and supported by those on the left who worship at the altar of free expression.

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