Friday, November 2, 2012

Is the Race For President Really a Tight One?

I must admit that I am having a difficult time understanding how this 2012 presidential election can be as close as the polls and news networks say it is. Just four days before the election most of the media have it split to around 48% Obama and 47% Romney.

How can an intelligent American voter, with all the exposure to this campaign that is available to him or her, and in all good conscience vote for a person who has quadrupled the national debt in just under four years? How does that record make for a tight race?

How can intelligent working women who are single and climbing that corporate ladder or have kids, and in many cases are the sole breadwinner of the home, vote for a man who spouts equal pay for equal work but has female members of his own staff and administration making less than their male counterparts who do the same or similar jobs? I also thought women in general loathed arrogant men who promise but don't deliver. You'll not find a more arrogant man than the current President and he has failed on over 80% of the promises he made during his campaign four years ago. How do intelligent women vote for a man like that?

How can an intelligent person vote for a person who has yet to take responsibility for anything that has gone wrong during his tenure, particularly when they have led to the deaths of those he was commissioned to protect and defend, and yet quickly takes full credit for what very few things have gone right.

How can an intelligent voter cast a ballot for any person who has allowed the unemployment rate to be at its highest point fours years in a row, that's nearly forty-eight months? It has been over ten years since this has occurred and it has happened during his watch over the nation's economy.

Fundamentally the world really isn't any different than it was ten years ago. Wars are still being waged. Weather is still just as sporadic and unpredictable. Dictators are still killing their people and threatening the rest of the world. The financial markets continue their long and continued trends of steady ups and downs with occasional wide swings. So what is different now? What's different is there is an unsteady and untried hand at the wheel. Not only that, the free world is being led by a person with a whole different set of values and standards that have been the hallmark of America's free market and liberty loving foundation. That is what has changed, nothing else. And that change has thrown this nation into chaos, unpredictability, apprehension, ill ease and is leading it down the path to the same failed economic future Europe has been trodding for the last forty years. We all know where that trail leads in the end.

If the polls are correct and if this race is as tight as the media would lead us to believe then I am left with only one conclusion - at least 48% of the U.S. population are complete idiots hell-bent on self destruction.

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