Wednesday, November 7, 2012

"I Want My Stuff!"

President Barack Obama has been reelected to another four year term as the President of the United States and leader of a waning free world. A slim majority gave him the victory over Governor Mitt Romney. The House and Senate remain virtually unchanged. This narrow victory doesn't give the President or Congress a mandate, nevertheless, a check in the win column is still a win.

I'm not stunned by last night's outcome but I am disappointed in my America, if I can still call it that. I come from a generation that believed in the John F. Kennedy mantra, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." I find myself increasingly being surrounded by a generation chanting a whole new and strange mantra, "Where's my entitled government stuff?"

This 2012 election proved beyond any reasonable doubt that lurking behind the scene and the facade of political business as usual, there is a massive ideological civil war going on in this nation and it's being waged between urban and rural America.

The political map shows a sea of red from West to East coast with small blotches of blue scattered throughout the heavily populated urban centers in the United States. It was these urban areas that garnered Mr. Obama his narrow win over Romney and they are growing more liberal and socialistic every year while the rest of the country remains solidly conservative yet in dwindling numbers.

Can this momentum from the left be halted or slowed? I'm not as sure as I use to be. I still hold out hope for this country with the rise of younger leaders like Marco Rubio, Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal and Paul Ryan. However, by the time they are seasoned enough to fill the big shoes it may be too little too late to stop America's current declining slide into failed European socialism this President and 51% of American's appear to want. Time alone will tell.

So then, what can we expect over the next four years? Short of Congress trying to impeach this President over Benghazi, this is what I see happening. The Balance of Power on Capital Hill is basically unchanged and unless the President pulls a surprise Clinton and moves to govern from the center (not likely), there will be no change at all. The Middle Class will continue to shrink, taxes will climb up on everyone, a federal budget isn't likely, the deficit will skyrocket, Obama will govern more and more via Executive Orders and his scary promise to Russia's leadership - "When I'm reelected I'll have more leverage," - hangs over the head of every conservative, constititutional, freedom loving American.

There is one bright side to all this: Those free cell phones and food stamps will be available for everyone wanting their "STUFF!"

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Disperser said...

The map is actually purple . . . the red and blue you see is a misleading snapshot of the US.

But I wonder . . . I don't see the majority as sitting there with a hand out. What I do see is more and more people coming to realize just how difficult it is to support platforms which, at their very core, are misogynistic, laud the constitution but want to ignore the rights it confers on others, and who, if you ask them, would put god before the rule of law.

Make no mistake, I would have liked to have seen a change in leadership, but not for the same reasons most people spout.

I think the equal rights juggernaut has enough steam (some call it common sense) that it would have powered through a Romney presidency. And I also think that if Romney is really as smart as he says, he would have had to raise taxes.

No, the reason I would have like to have seen a change in leadership is because I truly believe it would be beneficial to clean house. Politicians are complacent because they know their chances of being re-elected are pretty good. As a general rule, we should sweep these guys out of office at each election. People talk about it, but then it never happens.

As it is, nothing has changed from two days ago. Hard to tell whether that is a good thing or not, and impossible to tell if Romney in office would have been a good thing or not.

What I can say is that as far as I know, the political process of the US is still in place and working. The election of one man does not preclude someone from getting involved, voice their opinion, and offer suggestions. Of course, saying life as we know it has ended is not conducive to helping shape the future.

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