Monday, October 15, 2012

Secretary of State Clinton Takes Blame - What's the Plan?

In a rare and uncharacteristic moment Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally has come forward and admitted that she, and not the U.S. Intelligence Community, was at fault for the lack of security for Ambassador Stevens and those very few marines who died trying to protect him from a well planned terrorist attack on September 11, 2012 in Benghazi, Libya. Clinton stated that because she is the head of the State Department of the United States the "buck stops here" with her.

Thank you Madam Secretary for stating the obvious and for admitting to a cold hard truth that 95% of Americans and the rest of the world were already very aware of. Instead of an admission of guilt and a vague reference to a great man like Harry S. Truman, what you should be doing is offering up your letter of resignation to President Obama right now.

So, since you are a Clinton, and we all know that neither you are your husband, former President Bill Clinton, do anything without fully weighing the political pros and cons, let's look to see what this is really all about.

I thought the timing of your admission was telling. One day before the next Presidential Debate, a critical time for Mr. Obama as he would have had to face some hard and possibly embarrassing questions about the Benghazi incident from those in the Town Hall audience and especially Mr. Romney. Now that you have so publicly fess'd up to your role and responsibility in this matter, the President is kind of off the hook since, as you said, in matters of the State Department "the buck stops" with you. Kudos to you and the Obama campaign for coming up with this strategic deflection. Of course, had you and the President done your job as you should have Ambassador Stevens and those brave young men with him would still be alive and we wouldn't being going over this topic.

Some are comparing this to Watergate and actually referring to it as Benghazi-gate. I would ask all those doing so to please stop it now. It belittles the importance of just how awfully wrong Clinton was, as well as those who have tried to cover it up. Nobody died in Watergate, that was a simple break-in and burglary gone bad. This was murder and rape of our Ambassador and American citizens on American soil. Watergate was not an act of war. What took place in Libya on September 11 was.

I want to step out onto that shaky political limb and make a prediction concerning the timing, the uncharacteristic behavior and real reason behind Clinton's admission of guilt. I already alluded to one of the reasons - it allows the sting of Romney's Benghazi arrows to be deflected away from President Obama just one day before the next big debate. This doesn't help Clinton directly but does buy her political points and some leverage for any future political career plans she may be entertaining.

Hillary Clinton is playing this game very tightly and holding the flame close to her chest, as Bill was also famous for doing. I predict that Ms. Clinton will resign her position as Secretary of

State. The only unknown is when this will occur and that depends on what happens on November 6. If President Obama gets reelected look for him to ask for her resignation before Inauguration Day on January 20 so that he can get the road cleared for the Senate to approve his new nominee for the position. In the event that this is the scenario then Clinton's days as a political player are over, and knowing Hillary this isn't her option of choice. I believe she is hoping the President loses this election. She can finish out her term as Secretary of State, try to smooth out some of the damage done to her over Benghazi, mend political fences surrounding her within her own party and quietly set a course for another bid for the White House in four years. As in times past she is counting on the short-term memory loss that most Americans suffer from when it comes to politicians. And besides, she will have four years of elite media support, time to rewrite history and make it appear that her former boss tied her hands and like a good team player she took the hit for the good of the team and country.

At the moment she is playing the dutiful team mate, just like she played the role of the perfect help mate and stood by her man when Bill "didn't have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky." She knows and has calculated that for there to be a winning score for her at the end of this game Mr. Obama has to loose this election and that is what she is secretly hoping will happen.

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