Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Andrea Mitchell Gets It Wrong AGAIN!

NBC News/MSNBC Network news journalist and commentator Andrea Mitchell is right there all over the story surrounding Mitt Romney's humanitarian effort while he was in Ohio campaigning during the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Governor Romney was collecting thousands of canned goods and other foodstuffs for disaster relief, encouraging his supporters at the rallies to give all that they could in the way of food, clothing and other humanitarian aid to the victims of this record-breaking storm.

Mitchell went out of her way to report that what Romney was doing was not needed by the Red Cross, but would only hinder their relief efforts. She spent a great deal of time explaining how the Red Cross would be slowed down by the great influx of these canned goods and other much needed relief items and that what was really needed from everyone was money and blood. I was waiting for her charts and graphs to prove her point, but thankfully they never appeared.

Perhaps Ms. Mitchell missed the Governor's all important announcement to his supporters in which he frequently and loudly proclaimed, Please, "send in a check to the Red Cross" as soon as possible.

If only Mitchell and other so-called reporters of her ilk would have spent such indepth reporting on such man-made terroists disasters like Benghazi or the huge government waste of billions of dollars on bankrupt "green industries" that the Obama administration invested American taxpayers money on, then perhaps I would care why she and others in her camp would spend so much reporting time on how Mr. Romney decides to spend his time trying to help give relief to those devastated by a natural disaster.

You decide - which is real news that should occupy a reporter's time: Obama's mangling and coverup of Benghazi and failed green investments of taxpayer monies, or, Mr. Romney's collecting of food, clothes, blankets and call for checks to be sent to the Red Cross.

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