Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Dangers of 'isms'

Today's radical Islam will die...eventually. History has proven that any ideology that is built upon a foundation of hate will eventually turn on itself and decay from within. It will destroy itself or be relegated to the background of ineffectiveness, a footnote in human history. The sad thing is, it can take years and years sometime for this to occur and many lives are ruined and many die needlessly along the way.

We have seen the radicalism of Racism, Nazism, Fascism, Soviet-style communism all come and go. Today we are witnessing the decline of European socialism in its failed experiment. At one time or another they have all proclaimed themselves to be the savior of humankind only to nearly destroy it.

The next 'ism' that came quietly on the scene during the Woodrow Wilson era and has ever so slowly been making inroads into the American culture is a little something called Progressivism. It comes in direct competition with the prevaling 'ism' of the day, which is Capitalism, and they both too have and will continue to destroy many with the false hope of humanity's deliverance from all that causes its ills. They, however, like all that have come before them will eventually turn in on themselves. Why? Because they are already showing signs of the first hints of decay from within, hate, divisiveness, indulgence, self importance and self-centeredness. This course of action has no other final outcome but to turn inward on itself because a strange mixture of class warfare, selfishness and self-loathing are at the root of all these factious 'isms'.

The idea of a true democracy, one that honestly offers the dream of indiviual thought and freedom has been a part of the stream of consciousness that has run through the thread of humanity like a beacon of light since before the early days of the founding of the Grecian enlightenment period, and it still burns brightly within every heart and mind today, crying to come out and be made manifest as the world's true ideology of salvation.

One day, as in Gene Roddenberry's and Arthur C. Clarke's visions for a better tomorrow, it may be the force that rules our lives, but, until then we probably have several more destructive 'isms' to confront, put down and evolve out of.

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