Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Romney - The Truth Will Set You Free - Stick To It

I've been away on vacation for the past week. Away from computers, the news and just about anything that could distract me from simply enjoying time alone with my family. However, there was one piece of news that caught my attention so thought I put down just a short editorial about it. Nothing long or fancy, but like the comment made by Governor Romney - short, to the point and one hundred percent accurate.

I must be getting naive in my old age because there was a time in this country if someone spoke a truth, he or she were lauded for their forthrightness and fact checking. Sadly, it would appear that those days are long gone in this era of political correctness where truth is sacrificed for what is perceived to be right.

Governor Romney told the truth when he said to someone in the crowd who had come to listen to his speech that 47% of Americans will vote for Obama "no matter what" because they have become an integral part of a cancer on this nation called The Entitlement Society. They are a growing section of the nation that once were numbered in the very few but have grown out of proportion to the actual economic reality. These are those who really believe in the deepest recesses of their hearts that they cannot make it without a government handout when it comes to food stamps, housing and an on-going (what seems never ending cycle) of welfare checks.

The Obama media (ABC, CBS, MSNBC & CNN) have jumped all over this story and Romney for making the comment, making it their centerpiece of domestic campaign news. Why? Did Romney actually say anything that wasn't the truth? Statistics from polling are showing that Obama is pretty much going to get a guaranteed 47% of the vote and that it will come from those who fit the exact economic situation and entitlement mentality that Romney described. So, what's all the hoop-la about over this? Tell me where Romney is wrong in simply stating the obvious?

I will tell you where Romney went wrong, and it is the one thing that worries me and has always worried me about Mitt Romney, the candidate; he hedged when confronted about his statement by the Obama-media. "I guess I could have stated it a little differently." Don't be a wuss Romney. You told it like it is now be a man a run with it. It's the truth and you never need fear the truth.

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Sean Hurley said...

The truth?
The truth of the matter is that voting for anyone is a complete and total waste of tome.
First all you are ever really voting for is a figure head, or a puppet attached all to firmly to corporate strings.
Did you vote to go to war?.... Nope.
Did you vote on infrastructure?.... Nope.
Did you vote for bail outs?.... Nope.
The list of course goes on and on.
Worse still this idea of a democracy, by the people for the people, and all that complete and total crap is just that crap.
If we really had a democracy and the people actually had a say, and with the internet that is actually feasible,we would still be looking at a system where the 51% dictated the outcome to the 49% regardless of whether or not the 51% are informed.
As an example, if 51% of people decided we should dump oil in the ocean then that is what would happen.
Its a retarded outmoded system that has not been updated.
So what else, do we have any options?
Thankfully yes we do, it is called a resource based economic model.
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