Sunday, July 29, 2012

Romney & Israel - Fair Weather or True Friend?

In a world obsessed with the miniscule and the randomness of political correctness Governor Romney's comments surrounding the current Olympic Games is just one example of how the media elite, in their pro-Obama effort to desperately try and keep the devasting jobs numbers just released off the front page, have used their not so hidden slight-of-hand reporting of the so-called gaffe to try and derail the presumptive Republican candidate's overseas effort. Their attacks on Romney remind me of a slew of vultures out to try and feast on a perceived downed caribou. They better be careful because this bull still has lots of life in him as indicated by the most recent polling.

The Governor is making several visits to top overseas allies this month including most importantly Israel.

In the past and right up to this current moment in his campaign for the Presidency Romney has been a strong supporter of the State of Israel, their sovereignty and his obvious recognition of the true allied position of the only real successfully democratically ruled nation in the Middle East. For many who have been concerned over the current U.S. public face being put toward Israel by the Obama Administration, this attitude by Mr. Romney is a breath of fresh air. The stench hovering over the Obama Administration's obvious disregard for our only friend in the region, a relationship that has been finely honed by nearly every President since Harry S. Truman, has been sad to watch, and may well cost Mr. Obama many votes among a constituency that in the past generally always went the way of the Democratic Party.

Obama's blatant disregard for the well-being of the Jewish State could hurt him this coming November, so it won't be at all surprising to see him begin making some kind of overture to Israel and the American Jewish voter within the next several weeks. It will be disingenuious and one can only hope Jewish Americans will see the hypocrisy behind it. Mr. Romney appears to geninuely believe in the rights of every Israeli to exist and has been pretty consistent in his support for Israel. "Israel is the United States' closest ally in the Middle East and a beacon of democracy and freedom in the region." These words of Mitt Romney are nourished well in the Jewish heart, but after fours years of Obama we have become accutely aware that words alone will no longer suffice.

Promises are important and Mr. Romney has made several as it relates to the relationship between the United States and its only real Middle East partner for peace, Israel. To ensure Israel's security Governor Romney has stated that as President he and his administration will work closely with Israel to maintain its strategic military edge. He has stated on several occassions that he is committed to working with Turkey and Egypt to help repair their souring relationship with Israel and would strongly remind the leaders of these two Arab nations that it isn't in their best self-interest to continue trying to isolate Israel from the world community.

Mr. Romney has strong opinions concerning the ongoing and tiring on-again/off-again relationship between Palestinians and Israelis. He appears to be an avid proponent of joint resolutions between the two parties and that any attempt on the part of the Palestinians to broker a unilateral U.N. accord for Statehood would be soundly rejected and vetoed by the United States in the U.N. Security Council.

In sharp contrast to President Obama's lackluster and even back-stabbing relationship with Israel, Romney appears, and his past comments and opinions indicate, that, as President, he would not be just a "fair weather" friend of Israel but a strong advocate for the right of Israel to exist, flourish and be independent with complete autonomy over its established borders.

Now comes the caveat. Even though Governor Romney has recently made several positive overtures to Israel and his most current visit with Prime Minister Netanyahu continues in that direction, there is one matter that could and would settle once and for all exactly how far he is willing to show his concern and support of America's only real friend in the region. If Mr. Romney would use his trip to Israel this week and pubically declare Jerusalem to be the rightful and legal capital of Israel, declare his support to have the American Embassy move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and announce that one of the first foreign affairs events that will take place under his Presidency would be the moving of said Embassy to Jerusalem, the rightful capital of the Jewish State, then their would be no doubt in any Jewish or Arab mind around the globe just where Presidental candidate Mitt Romney stood when it comes to America's future relationship with its friend and ally, the State of Israel.

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