Wednesday, July 25, 2012

2012 Year of Cleansing - Time to Clean Out the Congress

I believe most Americans are aware of just how important this Presidential election is on November 6, 2012. However, more importantly is the election to fill nearly every seat in the House of Representatives and in the United States Senate. We talk a lot about the need to put someone else in the White House for the next four years, and that is extremely necessary because the person in the Center Seat at the Oval Office sets the mood, temperament, mindset and becomes the spokesperson for the entire nation. But those in the Congress are there to make the laws that actually govern the country. They are the real seat of power and over the last twelve years there has been so little positive results coming from the House and Senate chambers, so much stalmate between those so fully intrenched in their own narrow view of what direction the country should be going that little or nothing good has come out of Washington.

There has been policy, but the laws emanating out of this current impotent Congress and a White House determined to flex its own muscle regardless of the anti-Constitutional endgame have led most Americans in one of two directions - total malaise and frustration or complete antipathy toward its own leaders.

There is a way to fix both conditions. At the ballot box this coming November you can exercise the most powerful and potent weapon in a citizen's arsenal. Your vote.

Now I am going to call upon every one reading this to do something completely unprecedented. I am asking that every voter remove their current Senator and House of Representative from office.

Does this seem like a radical step? It is! However, it is a step that must be taken to send a strong national message to those in Washington that We the People are "mad as hell and we aren't taking it anymore."

I encourage everyone to vote for whoever is new running against any incumbent in both major parties - Republican and Democrat. If someone is new on the ticket vote for them. If the incumbent is running unchallenged then vote "None of the Above" or write in someone who you think could do a much better job, even if that someone is you.

Does this sound ridiculous? Maybe it does and maybe it is. But where has going along with the status quo gotten us over the last nearly two decades? Deeper in debt, near insolvency, a weaker nation militarily, economically, and morally.

Short of armed revolution this is the most potent message that we can deliver to the current and future elected officials. Pack them all off to home so they have to get a real job in the economy they have helped to create. Let them live in a world without their rose-colored glasses of untouchability. Allow them to experience first-hand what it means to be a citizen bound by the very inept laws and government they have been forcing on us for decades. As naive as this may sound to some, it is the only message politicians can truly comprehend.

Go to the voting booth, pull the lever or write on your ballot - "NON OF THE ABOVE" or choose your own write-in candidate. Show those who think they have the power where the real power over their futures lies - in the hands of WE THE PEOPLE.

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Anonymous said...

It's been the war cry in the past two elections . . . frankly, I don't think it will even come close. Statistics are that once in office it's difficult to remove senators and congressmen.

Most people opt for the first choice . . . apathy.

But, like you, that is what I will be calling for.

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