Sunday, June 3, 2012

Should We Even Be Asking - Who is Mitt Romney?

Who is Mitt Romney and why should anyone consider him for the highest office in the land?

On the surface it appears to be a sensible question, particularly when he seems to have been around in public focus forever. Yet, with all his media exposure over the decades of his business and political life what does the general public really know about this guy who, again, aspires to sit in that Oval Office?

Is it true that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a free pass as some would have us believe, or, is there some substance to the man under that veneer of shocking wavy dark hair (slightly graying at the temples these days), bright Hollywood smile and flashing pearly white teeth and just the right glint in his eye when caught at the right camera angle (I don’t believe he has ever been seen in the wrong angle has he)?

We’ve had enough of the flash and pan. The world doesn’t need another feel-good leader promising everything and delivering on nothing. Can this fellow called Mitt Romney be the kind of President this nation needs in these cursive and troubling times?

Even though I predicted months ago when he was a distant third in the primaries that he would get the Republican nomination to be perfectly honest - I don’t know. With all the headlines, sound bites, political history and business backstory there is still this unknown quantity about Governor Romney that makes most of middle America and the common, down-to-earth, everyday person on the street voter a bit anxious about him. They still feel they simply don’t get him. Going back to Ronald Reagan everyone knew what they were getting with just about every man vying for that center seat, that is until Barak Obama came on the scene promising change and only to surprisingly deliver with an inability to govern while showing a level of ineptness and amateurism not witnessed since the days of Jimmy Carter nearly 40 years ago.

After the shock and awe of Obama most Americans are suffering from VSS - Voters Stress Syndrome. They’re nervous, scared, uneasy and a bit queasy about taking a chance on another would-be “I can fix your problem” promise maker. They are longing for the days of Reagan or even the scandal clad Bill Clinton when they knew what they got and were willing to overlook some of the personal discrepancies for men who could effectively govern the land and keep them and their families, their jobs, homes, borders and finances safe.

It is this very attitude that I believe may be at the heart of the problem. Americans have forgotten that this is not a one man show. Our system of government wasn’t designed by its founders to operate efficiently under the auspices of a one man (or woman) rule. America is a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy, theocracy or any other kind of Ocracy. We have a system of government whereby power is shared between the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judiciary. Even our founders knew that no one person (even with all his/her advisors and cabinet) can effectively rule this land. The success of the great American Experiment requires a working together between these three branches of government which automatically implies a willingness on the part of the members of the Executive and Legislature to participate in the art of compromise while the Judicial remains uncommitted to all except the unbiased interpretation of the nation’s founding documents - The Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

It is here that We the People have failed ourselves by becoming completely dependent on the charismatic leadership of one person. Over the last 100 years We the People have allowed our representative congressional leadership to siphon off more of their legislative powers to this one person by the use of mandates, non-elected, non-congressionally approved czars and overuse of the Executive Order. Until this nation returns to its original intentional form of governance then asking the question “Who is Mitt Romney - or any other Presidential candidate” is an exercise in mental gymnastics which is nothing more then fodder for cable news outlets and political bloggers like myself.

Who is Mitt Romney? He is a man running for President. He has a public record that extends back more then 20 years of business and political life. He has made some good decisions and some very poor ones. In other words, he is a human being seeking a position that, if elected, will make him the most powerful person in the entire world. Can he be trusted? About as much as any other person that has sought this office over the last 236 years. However, “Who is Mitt Romney” isn’t the question we need to be asking ourselves at this time. More importantly the question is and always should be “Who are We the People” at this important juncture of American destiny? If We the People are alright then the vetting of candidates will go alright.

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