Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obama One - Constitutional Freedom Zip!

Every American should remember where they were on this day in history. They may well be witnessing the end of the founder's vision for a true Constitutional Republic.

Today the United States Supreme Court upheld nearly every initiative in the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. ObamaCare. While, I am not totally surprised the Obama healthcare initiative wasn't completely shut down by the Supreme Court, it did surprise me that they allowed the individual mandate to stand as is and will allow it to be used against all Americans as a new burdensome tax. There was one other surprise and this was the one that hurt the most for conservatives, libertarians and others in the country who saw this man as a sort of legal savior for issues important to them. The, now we can say so-called conservative, Chief Justice George W. Bush appointee John Roberts was the deciding vote to make nearly 90% of the act a part of constitutional law in this country. That came as a real Mike Tyson blow to the jaw of many.

What makes the Court's ruling more important is that once it is enacted into law by January 2014, even if Governor Mitt Romney is elected President this November, he will have a difficult time getting the entire Act repealed by Congress. About the best that might be hoped for is the removal of the individual mandate which will tax or penalize every American by forcing them to purchase health insurance.

The individual mandate was the most hotly debated issue of the Act as it now gives government on all levels - Federal, State and Local, the legal ability to force Americans to purchase or refuse them access to certain goods and services. The Court's decision today opens up a Pandora's Box that will see future administrations and Congressional laws that will virtually take away that last remaining vestige of human rights in this country, the citizen's perception of freedom of choice.

This piece of legislation, now confirmed by the Supreme Court as Constitutional and binding, is so damning that many don't yet see the depth of its intrusion into their daily lives or the future results of its destruction to their individual freedoms. What the Supreme Court did today was literally change what makes the United States of America different from every other nation on the surface of the planet. With a 5 to 4 vote the justices have taken away individual choice from American citizens.

It is June 28, 2012. This is the day the America that was officially begun on July 4, 1776 was laid to rest. May she Rest In Peace because this rotating orb will never see the likes of her again. She was murdered by those elected to protect her.

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