Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How Well Built Is Our House?

The other day a friend of mine who shares many of my overt political leanings posted an interesting banner online that clearly delineated three current points of view. It led me to give some serious thought about my own convictions on more than just a surface reflection.

In our fast-paced, hyperactive 21st Century 24/7 world in which we work overly hard at trying to fill every minute with anything that will help give our hectic lives more meaning and purpose it dawned on me that instead of doing perhaps I needed to just relax for an hour or two and look deeper within myself while asking in honest appraisal "what is it I truly believe and what are my real political convictions?"

While I thought on it my friend's banner kept coming to the front of my brain so I began to seriously contemplate what it had to say just to me.

The banner divided the field of view into three separate categories - a far left side of the banner, a far right and finally a center section. My brain kept moving my focus to the center and after a few minutes I realized that this was where my heart and mind were the most at home. This section was the real me as it related to my deeply felt political convictions. Without placing any kind of label on what this was I was most struck by how these few sentences placed so inconspicuously on the page had completely formed the basis of my entire outlook on life and has led me to this place in the latter half of my life on Earth.

The first thing it did was confirm what I had already known for years but could now examine more closely since it was laid bare for me to fully examine. I was acutely aware that on the opposite extremes of this banner lie the path of irrational thought, craziness, vast swings in mood and wild emotional assertions based almost entirely on bias and conditioning and less on any real facts. The center was the safe haven. The place where ideas could be viewed, compared, debated and thought out with controlled emotion and sane rationality. It felt good to be there. It was a place of mental calm and emotional peace.

In this central realm lay the sense of a real personal freedom and all that this entailed. The foundation of this freedom was the cornerstone of every other building block within this center. On it rested four pillars - tolerance, the freedom from feeling like our nation must intervene in all aspects of foreign affairs, which leads to a focused and robust national defense guided by common sense and prudence driven by what is truly best for the national security of the nation. The fourth pillar was an experienced economic freedom that is vibrant and alive; a freedom that can only be enjoyed and expressed when the other three are properly aligned under the guidance of the precepts set forth in the nation's founding documents - The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights. The second floor of this building was fashioned out of the inhabitant's generosity in giving to the needs of others, compelled not by government mandate or the weight of overwhelming taxation and burdensome over-regulation. Independent thinking extended from the ranks up to and including small businesses and large corporations in which the entitlement mentality and corporate welfare state was replaced by true capitalism, free enterprise and free market economics whereby profits were realized without the overbearing burden on the backs of company workers. In this kind of atmosphere full liberty and equal opportunity for all flows easily and freely without sanction or oversight because when all benefit with equal opportunity then none will be left behind, except by personal choice. Also, this environment breeds a level of tolerance that allows for free expression, the exercise of free speech, freedom of religious expression, upward advancement in one's chosen field of expertise based not on quotas but on individual ability and effort. Civil liberties and the right to personal privacy become the given norm rather than mandated by governmental decree and sought after desperately because of any lack or need of protecting.

Laying over the building is a roof protecting it from any outside onslaught by friend or foe. This roof is sturdy, strong and reliable. It is the constitutional right of a free press and the right to keep and bear arms. When a people can openly question those elected officials responsible with the public trust and are guaranteed the right to physically protect all those rights endowed to them "by their Creator" then you are left with a nation that is united, strong and functioning as a well-trained unit with a well-defined purpose. Nothing can stop a nation like this and no thing is impossible to them. That is what America once was, that is how our founders envisioned us to one day be and it is still within our grasp to regain that prize.

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