Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney's Youth - Yet Another Media Distraction

All this talk about the childhood or teenage pranks done by Mitt Romney are getting a little ridiculous. I'm not necessarily defending his actions but I was a kid during those times as well and know exactly what life was like during that era for kids and teenagers. To hold a youngster accountable for what was considered routine, and in most cases, acceptable societal prank behavior forty or more years ago, before these so-called enlightened days of Political Correctness, harbors on the absurd.

More importantly, for the mainstream media to put so much time into the effort is just another indicator of their willingness to try and keep the average American voter concentrated on the distractions instead of what really matters in this all important election. You know what I mean - things like the ECONOMY - the volatile Middle East - the absolute necessity for a National Energy Policy that makes the United States less dependent on foreign oil.

I'll help everyone out here. If you want distractions then think about this: At least Romney, as a kid, was a bonafide, legal, fully documented and substantiated, without any reasonable doubt American youth who was raised on American soil by parents who were full American citizens who just happened to believe in the unity of the Republic, the value of the Constitution and the validity of the free-market economic system. He was not raised by a fundamentalist radical Islamist or communist and socialist radical thinkers on foreign soil.

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