Friday, May 11, 2012

It's the RIGHTS Stupid!

After North Carolina voters shot down the rights of gays in their State to have legal same sex marriages by a 61% margin the internet and media were ablaze with condemnation and downright hatred for those who felt the traditional view of marriage should be the gold standard in their fair land. North Carolina now joins 30 other States to ban same sex marriage, including the very liberal left coast State of California. This issue of same sex marriage is not and should never become a federal issue. It is one in which each State in the Union is obligated to make a ruling based on the will of each legal voting resident of that particular State only as it pertains to certain legalities related to married couples.

My own particular view on the matter is based not on any religious or political conviction for or against the measure. However, I do hold strong views on what is meant by the rights of United States citizens.

My solution to the entire matter is quite simple and logical. We need to stop separating the rights issue. It's not gay rights, feminine rights, voters rights, black, white, native American or hispanic rights - it's simply human rights. Under the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights all peoples in the United States of America have the right and privilege to live their lives unmolested by government, religion or special interests. If we could simply treat each other as equals without prejudice then all these rights issues would no longer even be a headline.

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