Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Career Politician Voted Out of Senate by Constituents

Another career politician finally gets the boot. Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar has been voted out of his longtime Senate seat by voters in his State.

In the face of change and challenge to career members of both major U.S. parties Lugar becomes the latest casualty of voter frustration over the inactivity on Capital Hill. Lugar was defeated by Tea Party backed candidate Richard Mourdock, Indiana's State Treasurer. Mourdock was strongly supported by such conservative backers as the National Rifle Association and the Club of Growth. His non-stop campaign against Lugar's backing of Obama Supreme Court designees and lack of conviction in fighting back over the Democratic liberal immigration agenda known as the Dream Act led many conservatives and even independent voters go to the polls with the intention of allowing 80 year old Lugar to drift off into history; a fate many more career politicians may be seeing in their immediate futures if the trend continues.

I see this as a good sign of things to come, if it continues. I really don't care if these politicians are moderates, liberals, conservatives or libertarians, 36 years is just too damn many years to serve in government office. It certainly wasn't dreamed of by our founders or they would have put term limits in the Constitution on the House and Senate. They simply couldn't fathom anyone wanting to leave their businesses or law practices for that extended period of time because they were all capitalist at heart and felt that serving the country for one or two terms was all anyone of sane mind would endure, which speaks volumes of the sanity of career politicians.

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