Monday, March 26, 2012

Two Lives Ruined Over What?

Treyvor Martin didn't deserve to die the way he did. No one does. But, like most things that happen this too has been blown out of reality.

The media and those (Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson) wishing to cash-in on this political season goldmine have lent their credibility to the innocence of this young man. However, the more we are learning about him and George Zimmerman, the man who shot Martin, the more this teen appears somewhat culpable and perhaps a troubled soul.

Martin apparently attacked Zimmerman, a volunteer neighborhood watch participant, struck him from behind and bashed his head, repeatedly, into the sidewalk. This is according to eyewitness accounts and an official police report. Zimmerman apparently shot Martin in what he has called "self defense," however, except for his fists, Martin was unarmed at the time

Was this act racially motivated? We may never know for sure. Martin was black and Zimmerman is hispanic. Zimmerman was active in his community, tutoring young children of color with their school studies, as well as being active in his gated community's neighborhood watch. This may be a simple case of an overzealous watcher, he was carrying a firearm; and a 17 year old who became belligerent, which led to physical violence. Again, we may never know all the circumstances of what went down that night.

Zimmerman was wrong, as was Martin, and because human beings, after millions of years on this planet, still can't behave properly, a young man is dead, and another man's life will now be ruined and changed forever for taking a human life.

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