Monday, March 26, 2012

Rick Kicks Press

Anyone who follows my blog knows that I'm not a supporter of Rick Santorum for President. However, I do agree with his outburst at the press yesterday for the gross distortion they made of his comments concerning Mitt Romney.

The press accused Santorum of stating that Romney was the "worst Republican" in this race. I listened to Santorum's entire speech and he never once made such an accusation. What he accurately stated was "Romney is the worst Republican to go up against Obama" on the issue of Obamacare because the current President's healthcare plan used Romneycare as its foundational blueprint

Santorum is correct in making that case, however, as usual, the press chose only to hear "Romney is the worst Republican." The Senator called the New York Times reporter on it, got tough with him to his face and when the journalist wouldn't back down Santorum told him that whenever he hears his words being distorted or used out of context in order to make a headline he will call the press and media out for their "bullshit." While this won't get my vote on primary day in my State, I salute the Senator for continuing to show the press for what they truly are - biased and wannabe king makers.

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