Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Left Liberal Attacks on Women

A lot of flack has come Rush Limbaugh's way after he called a Georgetown law student a "prostitute" and "slut" for testifying about contraception. The criticism from both the left and right being thrown at Rush is deserved because his remarks were uncalled for, unprofessional and just plan stupid. However, the media has shown itself just as unprofessional in its reporting of the incident. Now that Mr. Limbaugh has publicly apologized to the student the matter should be old news and time to move on to real concerns around the world. This is not the case which glaringly reveals, once again, the mainstream media's biased left-winged slant to all they do and say.

Many have called for the firing of Limbaugh and have used their printed page, internet sites and video news channels to lean on his advertisers to pull out from supporting his daily radio show. What makes this so remarkable is the one-sided stand these newsies have taken. The same kind of call-to-arms has never been unleashed against the likes of MSNBC's Ed Schultz or Chris Matthews. The left leaning reporters are silent concerning Current TV's Keith Olbermann or HBO talk show host Bill Maher. These purveyors of hate speech and profanity, masking it as opinion, news or humor, have been given a total pass by NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and the Obama Network also known as MSNBC.

Rush, one time only, called a student testifying on the Hill about the need for taxpayers to foot the bill for contraception, a "slut". I do not agree with his remark. He was wrong in doing so and he apologized.

But the question needs to be asked - where is the balance in reporting?

Here are just a few of the many statements made by some liberal news and entertainment media types that have been levied against women:

Ed Schultz:

Concerning Governor Sarah Palin - "bimbo" Concerning News Commentator Laura Ingraham - a "right-wing slut"

Schultz did apologize and was even suspended for a week without pay by MSNBC.

Chris Matthews:

Concerning Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann - a "balloon head." Concerning Governor Sarah Palin - wondered aloud if she were even "capable of thinking."

Keith Olbermann:

Concerning Senator Hillary Clinton - find “somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out." Concerning journalist/author Michelle Malkin - a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick.”

Bill Maher:

Maher is by far the worst offender of women. A true misogynist that truly goes out of his way to find new ways to be profane. And worst of all, he and his fan's think what he says in such a derogatory way toward women is funny.

Concerning Governor Sarah Palin - a "dumb twat," and a "cunt." Concerning Governor Palin and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann - "boobs" and "twin boobs."

And finally there is left-wing blogger and writer Matt Taibbi:

Concerning Journalist Michelle Malkin - “When I read [her] stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of balls in her mouth." Concerning Congresswoman Michele Bachmann - calling her “bat-shit crazy.” Concerning Secretary of State Hillary Clinton - he marveled at her “flabby arms.”

And feminists were no strangers to Taibbi's seething hatred of the opposite sex.

Concerning writer Erica Jong - calling her an “800-year old sex novelist.”

The press and the public have every right to get upset when those who navigate the airways abuse that privilege and use their bully pulpit to belittle and degrade anyone, be it man, woman or child. They should be held accountable. However, that accountability needs to be fair and balanced across the board from both the left and right. Sadly, at the present time this is not the case and until it is, then none in the media can be trusted with the great responsibility they wield.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. All of the women you list are public figures: politicians, journalists and authors.

I don't understand how that can be compared to a grad student.

Samuel Sloan said...

That grad student became a public figure the moment she decided to go before Congress in a public hearing. She also made herself eligible for critique when she made her address to the Senatorial hearing a personal one by using language that was self-inclusive in the dialogue instead of keeping it third party. It should also be noted that this grad student wasn't as much a concerned private citizen as we might have thought since she was sought out by the administration and was in the employee of a former Obama administration advisor. While that may not amount to much in the end I think any rational thinking person would find that a bit suspicious.

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