Monday, January 23, 2012

Ron Paul Has Proven to be Ineffectual to Stop Liberty's Erosion in America

Our freedoms have been trampled on over the years since our Republic was founded. I'm no fool to the sad reality of our current state of eroding liberties in this country. To those who think otherwise, what I'm saying is that, in my humble opinion, Ron Paul is not the answer to staving off those eroding values and freedoms. If he were then his 24 years of public service in Congress (the law making body of our government) should have made some kind of significant inroads into curbing what some believe to be the inevitabilty of the fall of the American Empire.

I'm not yet convinced that that day has arrived just yet, but if we don't wake up and move soon to regain what has been lost, stolen and given away by our ignorance, laziness and entitlement mentality then this great historical experiment called The United States of America could be gone for centuries. If that were to happen then the world would be driven into another Dark Ages, and I for one, am not ready to accept that scenario.

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