Friday, December 2, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust - Cain's Campaign Is Over

Is Herman Cain a womanizer? It's not likely. Did he cheat on his wife? I suppose that depends on how low or high you set the bar for what is considered infidelity. Is Herman Cain a good business executive? I think his 35+ year career in the business arena has proven him to be a man of great business accomplishment. Is Herman Cain a viable presidential candidate? After this latest revelation of a 13 year long "casual relationship" with another woman in which monies were given by him to her as gifts, probably not. Was Herman Cain unfaithful to his lovely wife? That is something the two of them will have to decide in the privacy of their own lives together, not in the view of the media.

Should Herman Cain continue his bid for the White House? That is another matter altogether. While I have been a avid supporter of Mr. Cain's rights when it came to how the press treated the accusations levied against him over these past two months, I have always been a supporter of Newt Gingrich for that center seat of executive power in D.C. as I believe him to be the better candidate to beat Obama next November, however, I think it may now be time for Herman Cain to walk away, get out of the media spotlight, release his supporters to another candidate, or allow them to move to a candidate of their second choice. It is now time for Mr. Cain to begin healing the wounds inflicted by himself (by not revealing beforehand this 13 year relationship to his wife), and the wounds inflicted on him and his family by the ravenous media in search of any salacious bit of info they can find that will sell a paper, get a rating or an internet hit count.

The damage to Mr. Cain's campaign has been done, and short of a miracle, he too is done in the world of politics. Hopefully, he isn't done in the world of his family life because they, and he, deserve better then that kind of finish to an otherwise successful and happy life.

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