Wednesday, November 2, 2011

You Got Paid So Shut Up

One of the unnamed women who is responsible for the allegations against Herman Cain which accused him of an ill-defined sexual abuse charge toward her says, through her opportunistic lawyer, that she now wants free from her 15 year old confidentially agreement so she can speak up. Anyone even remotely familiar with how the ole' political game is played is aware of how timely this is. Her ex-boss is running for President of the United States, is the leading Republican hopeful in the current primary race and by now she must be running low on funds from her first settlement. Must be time for a book deal to be able to make more money off an innocent person - again. Hey! - you signed a confidentiality agreement, got your payday and was willing to shut the hell up for over a decade - so, SHUT the HELL UP ALREADY! Got news for you, anybody who knows Mr. Cain also knows his character and that the women are likely lying or misconstrued an innocent remark or gesture for a sexual advancement. That is quite possible in what has become one of the most uptight business environments in the history of any nation.

Also, as someone who is very aware of the dirty little tricks played in politics this has all the earmarks and smell of a Karl Rovian-type press-leak written all over it. The last thing the Republican establishment elite want is a strong, confident, capable conservative black person in the center seat of this nation. Don't believe it? Just ask Colin Powell or Condoleezza Rice how the game is played in the upper tiers of power.

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