Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama-Buffett - Economic Odd Couple

If you listen to or read the pundits and spin doctors you will be left believing that President Obama really wants to create private sector jobs and get a real handle on the deficit. You may even be one of those wishful thinkers who believe the President's newly announced so-called deficit plan and "Buffett Tax" will force Republicans and a miniscule number of Democrats in the House and Senate into a corner where it will look like they are siding with those "power-hungry" corporations and the "fat-cat" wealthy over the middle and low income earners. That is exactly what those on the Obama MSNBC Network, CNN, Politico, Huffington, the LA & NY Times and Current TV want and hope you will believe. Each of these "news" outlets touted headlines in towering letters exalting the President's $3 Trillion Deficit Plan, while only a few, including Fox News, shared the ugly truth that this so-called deficit reducing plan will add another half a trillion dollars to the already bloated, obesity driven $14 Trillion debt and will raise taxes on both rich and middle class Americans by the tune of $1.5 Trillion.

Wall Street responded immediately to the President's "deficit reducing" package by plummeting over 200 points within minutes of Mr. Obama's announcement. To those use to living off the government teet this is no big deal, but fortunately for the rest of what I like to call the normal, free society - those who really do create jobs in this country, those who want to work and pay their way, you know, the rich and middle class, the small business owners and even the struggling who don't like a handout, there is hope from the Congress that this ridiculous piece of crap won't get far. House Speaker John Boehner and Representative Paul Ryan have indicated that this plan is "dead-on-arrival" when it reaches the House floor.

Instead of making those "nasty" Republicans and the scarce brave Democrats who see the foolishness of this plan look like greedy bastards in the pocket of the ultra rich, the person not afraid of a little more than surface thought will realize the class warfare being speechified by the President and his brainless newsie crews versus the rational understanding of finances and what keeps the economic ship-of-State afloat that is being revealed by Mr. Ryan and others.

We out here in the huddled masses can only hope that saner minds will prevail on Capital Hill and they will get the votes needed on both floors to bury this deadly plan of the President's and make sure it never again sees daylight.

I do have one suggestion for Mr. Warren Buffett, the multi-billionare throughly in Mr. Obama's pocket and corner -- If you are so excited to hand over your money to the greedy, insatiable bureaucracy in Washington D.C. then feel free to open your check book and help pay down the debt. My only question to you is, Why has it taken you so long? Ah, yes. You've been too busy over the last 40 years taking advantage of every loophole possible so you could amass your great fortune in the very industry you now lambast. Now with an aging false guilty conscious you, once again, want to force your newly found salvation on everyone else. I'll pass for now. Thanks Warren, but no thanks.

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