Thursday, September 15, 2011

Is the Press Blinded to Israel's Recent Problems With It's Neighbors?

I have become thoroughly convinced that the United States and European press is either blind, stupid, errant, ignorant or deliberately keeping a closed eye on what is really happening in Israel. We hear more than we need to know when it comes to Libya or the so-called "Arab Spring" in Egypt and Syria, but we hear very little, or it gets buried on page 10 of the newspaper or far down the bottom of a news site's webpage when it comes to some of the foul activity being foisted on Israel from its neighbors, such as Egypt, Gaza and Iran.

Here are just a few examples of some of the atrocities being leveled against Israel that the U.S. and European press either choose to ignore or play down significantly.

Back in August 2011 Israel was bombarded with more than 200 mortar and rocket attacks. These attacks came directly from and with the sanction of Hamas in Gaza. Eight Israelis were killed during a similar attack from pro-Palestinians within the Sinai Peninsula. This is Egyptian territory and even with all the recent turmoil in that country it seems highly unlikely that the leadership there was unaware of what was taking place. Perhaps it's time for Israel to take back the Sinai for protection of its southern border. If that occurred I can guarantee that the story would make the frontpage of every news paper in America, as well as be an unceasing topic of discussion on all the major cable news channels. Yet, these rocket attacks got little or no press in the United States or Europe.

September 3, 2011 the U.N. admitted publicly that it has grave concerns over Iran's obvious continued development of its nuclear program and with Russia's support of Iran's desire to get nuclear weapons. Why wasn't this a front page story on CNN or the New York Times? I guess learning about the death of a reality show persona or what is happening with Kate Plus 8 is priority news.

How serious are the Palestinians when it comes to having a real lasting peace with its neighbor Israel? On September 4, 2011 the Palestinian leadership turned down an appeal from the U.S. State Department to resume its talks with Prime Minister Netanyahu, talks that the Prime Minister is ready and willing to engage in. Why did they refuse to resume the talks with Israel? Because they continue to insist on Israel returning to the pre-1967 borders and return Jerusalem as a non-Jewish capital. Thank you President Obama for stirring up that pot of contention once again. Every sane person knows Israel can never resign itself to that condition as it would give it a indefensible border that is only 11 miles wide. Unthinkable on any rational level. Is there a reason why this wasn't important enough for the media to at least include it in a small blurb?

One of the biggest events to happened began on September 8, 2011 in which the Turkish Prime Minister threatened war with its former ally Israel by declaring he would send warships to escort another Gaza flotilla (these flotillas have been declared illegal by the U.N. and Israel has been exonerated for using force against them in the past). Turkey has stated it will protect the flotilla against Israel's blockade. These flotillas have proven to be nothing more than a means to get illegal weapons, rockets and mortars into the hands of Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists from places like Iran and Syria. While the Palestinians claim they are full of humanitarian supplies, the truth during past Israeli raids on them have proven them to be liars. This Turkish event has garnered some attention from a few media outlets such as Fox News and even a nod from the Obama Network known as MSNBC. This, only because Turkey is a known strong ally of the United States, however, that diplomatic stance has been weakening over the past decade.

Finally, one event that has peaked the interest of some of the U.S. news media has been the September 9, 2011 mob attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Perhaps the seriousness of the embassy attack was enough to wake up some members of the 4th estate since it was so familiar and sparked a time back when the American embassy in Iran was mobbed and many of its staff were taken hostage back in the 1970's. Fortunately Israel was able to evacuate its entire diplomatic staff and get them home safely. I'm afraid the same may not be said for the decades long Sadat-Begin peace initiative. With this "Arab Spring" taking place in Egypt those days of a shaky peace may be coming to a close, just as I predicted soon after the fall of Mubarak.

The Arab world is starting to feel very confident these days of its ability to begin forcing Israel back into a corner. Even the relatively peaceful King of Jordan only a few days ago said that the strength of Israel in the region is waning and the rise of the Arab populations will eventually force the Israelis to make certain concessions it wouldn't normally ever consider, such as the aforementioned border withdrawal and either the sharing or giving up entirely of Jerusalem. What is even more worrisome is the cry from certain members of left-winged liberal Jewish quarters to do just that very thing as suggested by Jordan's king.

I agree that I think we are in the birth pangs of a very dangerous and serious time for Israel. If the current U.S. President and his administration get reelected those dangers for America's greatest ally and friend will only increase and Israel will feel the knot only tighten about its neck. Yet, I also see this as a good thing because it will awaken Israel to a fact that they have always existed independently, a fact that sometime is clouded by America's past generosity. The facts are Israel doesn't need anyone's help to succeed in keeping itself safe and free. The tiny nation of Jews proved that in the early 1950's, in 1967, again in 1973, and they will do so now if the need should arise. America is a friend of Israel, but it has always been a fair-weather friend. With this current administration in office I'm not so sure we can even call it that. But, Israel will survive in tact even as those surrounding her crumble, fall and disappear.

When the dust settles one thing will be remaining, Israel and the Jews who inhabit the Land.

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