Saturday, July 30, 2011

The D.C. Hidden Immigration Policy

Who knew that all along President Obama, the Congress and Senate had an immigration policy? I sure didn't but now that it has been revealed it should get a special look-see.

The Sacramento Bee City News reported today that illegal immigrants are returning south of the border to Mexico because of the better economic picture now being presented in that country.

The unemployment rate in Mexico is around 4.9% while the U.S. is averaging about 9.4% unemployment while California, the State with the most illegals, followed by Arizona, is even higher than the national average.

Here we have been giving the Obama administration and both houses of Congress a hard time for not coming up with a successful immigration program to meet the overwhelming influx of illegal aliens across our southern border and those sly-dogs have been hard at work all this time perfecting their strategy for dealing with the problem - and best of all it's working.

The article goes on to say that while there still remains approximately 2.6 million illegals in California, that is down 300,000 since 2008 and those leaving are increasing daily with America's stagnant economy showing no signs of a quick fix.

We can't give Obama and the current Congress full credit for this outcome, some of that credit has to fall on G.W. Bush and the Congress during his tenure in the White House. They actually began the economic policies that made the U.S. start to sour in the illegal stomach while Obama and the current Congress have run-amuck.

When you look at the subtlety of the plan you have to applaud all those involved. Who could have thought that destroying this nation's economy and making every other nation look more inviting would work so well? Absolute GENIUS. Let's re-elect all these guys for another term.

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