Thursday, May 19, 2011

Obama Wants a Defenseless Israel

For those who may have missed today's State Department speech by President Obama and are supporters of Israel it may come as a shock to hear that he called for Israel to retire back to its 1967 defenseless border alignment as a step in the right direction for a lasting peace with the so-called Palestinians. I think, except for the self-hating American Jews with fat pocket books, the President won't be counting on much financial support from the common sense American Jewish voting sector for his reelection bid.

In his press released draft of the speech earlier in the day that particular sentence calling for Israel to its 1967 borders had been removed and many pundits felt it was done so to appease Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu who has plans to visit the White House this week. However, the President in his infinite stupidity, naivety or sly cunningness decided to include it in his live speech anyway causing an instant flurry of praise from his allies in the Arab and Palestinian quarter and shouts of anguish and disbelief from those allies in Israel, pro-Israel Americans and others across the globe who see this move as a sure-fire setup for a future indefensible Israel and all out war over Jerusalem.

I'm not too sure why anyone would be surprised by Mr. Obama's call for the 1967 border realignment. He has spouted this same nonsense in the past as a U.S. Senator so it should come as no surprise that feeling a bit of muscle-flexing after disposing of Osama Bin Laden he should feel he is in a strong enough position politically to gamble on exposing his true agenda for the Jewish State. I personally am not surprised by this position because it is one he has always held as a core belief in his heart and one he will try and make come to pass in his second term, should he get reelected. My only hope is that enough influential American Jews who have strongly supported Obama in the past (can you hear me Mr. Spielberg; Ms. Streisand) will finally brush the fairy dust from their bedazzled eyes and wake up to what this man is really all about when it comes to Israel.

I was heartened that Benjamin Netanyahu didn't hesitate to respond to Mr. Obama's ignorant stance but immediately stated that Israel would object to any withdrawal to indefensible borders. The Prime Minister also added that he expected Washington to allow it to keep major settlement blocs in any peace deal. He obviously has more faith in Obama than I do.

I also agree with Netanyahu when he said, "the viability of a Palestinian state cannot come at the expense of Israel's existence". Cannot such an intelligent man such as our President see that as plainly as the Israeli Prime Minister and so many others throughout the world? If not, can he be as intelligent as we have been led to believe by the good folks over at MSNBC, or is it perhaps more of a true revelation of what Mr. Obama really thinks about our greatest Middle East ally? Remember in the same speech Obama, after declaring Israel needs to pull back to its indefensible 1967 borders, which would allow it to be completely surrounded by unfriendly Arabs, he then went on to say that Israel has the right to exist and to defend its borders "ALL BY ITSELF." Am I the only one who heard that little three word statement that is jam-packed with importance as it relates to Israel's right to exist? I love how this President says one thing out of the left side of his mouth and spews gasoline and matches out of the other.

If there was ever a time for my fellow Jewish Americans to wake up and smell the drone fumes it is now. Time to make this man a one-term President and let him join that other senseless anti-Israel past President building homes for Habitat for Humanity. At least there he can build something worthwhile without destroying an entire nation.

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