Monday, May 30, 2011

Cantor Called Heartless For Telling the Truth

On CBS's "Face the Nation", House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) stated that tornado victims in Missouri and Alabama would be getting the federal monies needed to try and piece back the threads of their lives but those disaster relief funds will come at the cost of less important government projects. He stated that "it will be offset, however, "Congress will find the money."

The liberal left media grabbed on to his statements and tried to play political football with his words by making him and other Republicans who shared his view into those terrible three-piece suited men out to kill grandma and steal your last morsel of bread. The Huffington Post's internet wing - "Politics Daily", headlined the Congressman's words with a huge caption that read "HEARTLESS".

I watched Cantor's interview and even read the transcript several times to try and find his "heartless" comments and for the life of me cannot seem to find what it is that Ms. Huffington and her crew over at the PD found so offensive and heartless about his statements. Perhaps it was the sheer dread and loathing at the thought of any government-sponsored and less important program even being considered for cuts in order to make funds available for those most in need. God forbid we cut the cost of some research grant that studies the mating habits of the Fungus Gnat or deprive dollars from some artist who expresses his disdain for what 85% of the American public consider sacred just so we can rebuild the lives of those ravaged by Mother Nature'wrath. I ask this question, who is really the heartless one here? Mr. Cantor who reiterated more than once that those much needed funds would be made available to those who need them the most, even at the cost of lesser government expenditures, or Ms. Huffington and her left-winged ilk?

Don't be fooled by the headlines. The liberal left hasn't, doesn't nor ever will care about the lives of real people, not unless they can make some political hay and monumental gain from their tragedy.

I'll take the truth from someone like Congressman Cantor over the aggrandizing and pandering of those who would politize something has horrific as what took place in Joplin, Missouri, Alabama, Oklahoma and Arkansas this past week.

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