Wednesday, January 12, 2011

AZ Shooting Causes Crazies From All Sides to Come Out

The tragic shooting this week in Tuscon, Arizona of Representative Gabrielle Gifford and many others attending her townhall meeting has caused a flurry of comments from irresponsible political pundits and so-called news people calling to task and blaming several on the political right for the actions of a crazed gunman.

This maniac didn't need an excuse for shooting those people? He was mentally unstable and that is all the excuse he needed to do what he did. He had a long history of vitriolic political venom spewing from his lips, was a leftist (so why did he shoot a Democrat and those attending her rally?) - Perhaps Gifford was too Blue Dog for Mr. Jared Lee Loughner, a radically motivated and crazed thinker. The only excuse he needed to kill was his own skewed view of the world and the will to do it.

For political opportunist from any side of the aisle to take advantage of this situation for some kind of gain will only lead to some kind of future legislation that will trample all over this nation's Constitution and it should cease NOW!

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