Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Who is to Blame for the Gulf Oil Fiasco? - More Reflection

If anyone reading this owns any shares in BP, then you own it. I have shares (plenty of them) in BP, so I also own it, and like any honorable business owner, I too must also OWN UP to having some responsibility for the spill. It is my investment in the company and everyone else around the globe with shares in it and who receives dividends off those shares, as well as, every citizen of every nation who purchases a BP product (regardless of type), and every mom and pop BP franchise station owner, and all their employees, from the grandma working at the register to the guy who keeps the BP convienience store shelfs stocked, to the mechanic that keeps the BP car wash operating, to the 18-wheeler hauling BP petro across the highways and roads, to the tanker captain and his crew moving it from well to refinery, to those refinery and rig workers who put food on their tables and in their kid's mouths, to the........well, you get the idea --- there is plenty of blame to share and we are all responsible for what happened in the Gulf 2 months ago.

However, it is solely BP execs, the strong-arming of environmental groups, and the U.S. Government, in particular, the Obabma Administration, who must share complete blame for the really disgusting and horrific way in which the spill has been dealt with since.

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