Saturday, October 30, 2010

The TV Spot That Has the Ultra Left & Right Running Scared

Truth in advertising is a rare commodity. However, this latest TV pitch is about as truthful as anything one will ever see in television or any other media these days. Why is this ad upsetting both those on the right and left? Could it be the truth hurts?

This doesn't have to be the future of the capitalist free world. You decide!

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Disperser said...

That's the thing I would really like to know from the powers that be . . . What's the plan? How do we repay the debt?

Republicans did not have an answer when they started it, and Democrats don't even pretend to have a plan.

We are likely going to get some republicans in the House and Senate, but for all their rhetoric, I've not heard one concrete suggestion of what they would be willing to cut.

I'm guessing 10-15 years is when the effluent will hit the spinning blades.

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