Sunday, November 29, 2009

O Ye of Little Faith

I have been getting some flack from several of my European friends across the pond about my assessment concerning the new post of EU President that I wrote about in the blog previous to this one, which has prompted me to explain my reasons for the first entry.

Do you know why all the great minds within the intelligence community failed to prevent 9/11 or the most recent Fort Hood terror attack? Was it for lack of good intel? Not at all. In both cases the FBI, CIA and NSA had tons of information that pointed to danger on the road ahead. No, the problem with most of us in the world, including the intelligence community of which I one time belonged, is our inability to imagine such a horror, especially within the Western mindset. Evil on that scale is simply beyond the comprehension of most average, decent, hard-working residents of the world, no matter how much atrocity we witness around the world on TV news, it is simply too far removed from us -- until it actually strikes home.

I offered up in the previous blog ("A Man in the Shadows") my concern about the new office of the EU President in a bigger picture, not of how things currently are, but the possibilities of what, if world trends continue as presently coursed, how things are likely to be at some point in the future, whether proximal or distant. All things are moving in a direction that we as a world people are hell-bent on pursuing and one of the chess pieces that was missing until now was the potential for an EU leader (not necessarily the current EU President) to align him/herself into a position of vast power. This new office sets into motion that likely possibility.

As an American I speak from experience. When the office of President was created in this country it was one on equal footing with the two other branches of government. However, over the course of the last 233 years that office has ascended, at the willingness and behest of the two other branches of government and American people, to a place of greater power than was originally intended by the country's founders or its Constitution. The powers of the President, while openly are not brandished about, are quite extensive behind the closed doors of the White House. One of the prime examples of just how far-reaching presidential powers have become is the case of Executive Orders, which can, in the case of an emergency (real or perceived) override the protections of the US Constitution. I see the same thing in store for our European friends only it will happen at a much faster pace than 200+ years. The election of Rompuy is simply the first step in that inevitable direction.

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