Thursday, October 22, 2009

News Outlets Rally Around Fox

It looks like President Obama and his administration headed up by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel may have bitten-off more than they could chew when they decided it was a good thing to take on one of the most successful American news outlets on television today. Obama and Emanuel put the Fox News cable channel directly in its sites and began a relentless campaign to cut-off the highly rated news channel from having access to the White House, members of the cabinet and other ancillary White House personnel, including military leaders and the various czars brought in by the President.

The Obama people likened Fox News to a highly flammable opinion piece instead of a legitimate news organization which I'm sure came as quite a shock to veteran news people like the award winning Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, Major Garrett, Bret Bair, Shepard Smith, and the countless other reputable and legitimate journalist that are employed by Fox.

It would appear that the 3 opinion shows seen on Fox News (Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity) have raised the ire of the President. Perhaps it isn't so much that two of these three are not journalist but conservative talking heads (Beck and Hannity) that have been highly successful in unearthing some not so flattering and news-worth information concerning many of the President's picks for positions in his cabinet and those he has chosen as czars to head up many internal positions of power. It was, after all, these non-journalists who revealed that Nancy-Ann DeParle, President Barack Obama’s health policy czar, had served as a director of several corporations that ended up facing various federal investigations, lawsuits and other regulatory actions. It was these non-journalists that exposed Obama's safe-school czar Kevin Jennings for his way of mis-handling an event in the past that dealt with a school kid's homosexual incident. Beck and Hannity were one of the first to show how Obama'pick for the Secretary of Treasurer was himself a tax evader...and the list just goes on and on with the likes of Holder (now Attorney General), Mark Lloyd and others. The real question everyone should be asking is not that people like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity seem to have an anti-Obama axe to grind, but why hadn't the mainstream media with their full task force of journalists been going after these definitely newsworthy stories. Why did it take non-newsies to get the ball rolling? It just so happens that these guys all work at Fox. They just as readily could have been on another network, in fact, Beck did work for CNN at one point and was just as avid and phobic when he graced their hallowed halls.

Today the White House tried to pull a Hugo Chavez and totally ban White House Fox News correspondent Major Garrett from being a part of the press pool, a position he has held with distinction for years. Fortunately for all of America and the Constitutional guarantee of a Free Press, all the major networks, both conventional and cable, joined forces with Fox and approached the White House with their own ultimatum -- Allow Fox News in as a full news partner or watch all major news outlets depart. Kudos to ABC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN for their courage in standing up to a President that continues to flex his muscles to see just how bullying he can be and just how much unconstitutional behavior he can get a way with. Of course, none of these other news outlets have any love for Fox News, since the station has consistently beat them all down in the ratings over the last several years. No, they locked arms around Fox today for self-preservation and hopefully to ensure the continued freedom of this nation. Let's face it, if the White House is willing to go after the strongest news agency in the biz, how much longer before one of them might be next if they should say or do anything that might upset the Obama plan?

This whole things reminds me of a scene from a promo for the upcoming ABC series "V" in which the visitor from another planet is about to be interviewed by a TV news reporter and he asks her if there is anything he can do for her before the cameras start rolling and her reply is "Just don't ask me anything that will show us in a bad light" and the reporter's stunned reply is "Excuse me!"

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