Thursday, September 24, 2009

Netanyahu Speaks Truth and Shame to UN Members

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the gathering of UN delegates today in New York City and accomplished in his speech the one thing U.S. President Obama failed to do when he took center stage at the General Assembly just yesterday. Netanyahu simply told the sitting delegates the hard truth with deep sincerity and honesty.

The Prime Minister verbally backed the UN members into a corner and forced upon them a rude awakening by proclaiming they are now faced with a very tough decision -- support Israel or State-sponsored terrorism!

His pronouncement came on the heels of the speech given yesterday by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that was laced throughout with hate, anti-semitism, holocaust denial and blatant disregard for Israel's right to exist. Many pro-democracy nations walked out of Ahmadinejad's disrespectful and hateful rant. Netanyahu took his time at the lectern to thank those who did so, for making such a public stand for liberty and condemnation of such hateful talk. For those nation members who stayed for the speech and even applauded Ahmadinejad's spiteful spewings Netanyahu had just one question - "Have you no shame?"

Today as the Israeli Prime Minister was invited to the podium many of those same delegates who praised Ahmandiejad departed the chamber before Netanyahu even began his first sentence. The Palestinian delegation filtered out over the course of the speech with only one female delegate left, and who eventually departed as well before the Prime Minister could finish.

Unlike the American President's speech the day before, the tenor from the Israeli Prime Minister was laced with hard-core facts concerning the real situation in the Middle East from the viewpoint of someone not new to the concern, but who has been in the front-line trenches for years versus only nine months. Netanyahu spoke eloquently about Israel's genuine desire to make a viable peace with its Arab neighbors. He reminded the gathered delegates that all through Israel's modern-day 62-year history whenever any Arab country or State desired real peace with them, Israel was more than willing to accommodate and seek out that peace. Netanyahu cited both Egypt and Jordan as perfect examples of how a successful and lasting peace was possible between such former bitter enemies. He also gave the delegates a refresher course in Middle East history, reminding his listeners that when this august body created a two-state solution in 1947 for the region it was the newly re-formed Israeli government and people who embraced it fully while every single Arab nation in the region rejected the notion of sharing the territory with a Jewish State and immediately surrounded and attacked the fledgling country hoping to destroy it as it emerged from the womb of the United Nations.

The Israeli Prime Minister was quick t point out that just like Egypt and Jordan, if Palestinians really desire peace then Israel would again embrace them as well. However, Netanyahu stated that as long as the UN allowed countries like Iran and Syria free-reign to usurp the ongoing peace effort between him and Palestinian leader Abbas by those nation's underhanded financial and military support of terror militant groups like Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, Al Queda, and others; then the failure of the peace rests squarely on the UN's shoulders, proving the critics of the world organization correct -- critics that say the UN has become nothing more than an irrelevant money-pit full of corrupt paper-pushers and money-grubbing opportunists with no real solutions for the world's problems or any power to make significant, positive change. The critic's pronouncement "The UN is a failed institution" will become a self-fulfilled prophecy.

If the UN allows this to happen then I can only echo the words of Benjamin Netnanyahu - "Have you no shame?"

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama on Late Night - Perfect Venue for the Broad Strokes

President Obama has found his niche'. He has the perfect platform for getting his message out and if the recent polls are any indication, he should stick to that strategy. What is it? Appearing on entertainment talk shows.

The President's appearance on David Letterman's "Late Night" this week gave the leader of the free world a much needed boost in his poll numbers that have been slipping since June. While the jump to the up column wasn't huge by any means, any move in that direction after his hot, hot, summer of trying to explain his healthcare measure is seen as a positive by his staff and media lovers.

On the show with Dave, the President was relaxed, informative and did impart that aura of leadership, calm in the face of uncertainty and boldness we Americans want to see in our President. He was funny, congenial, informative and given a nearly 45 minute platform to talk about whatever he wanted to get across to the American people in a relaxed, comfortable, non-agressive atmosphere. He basically shot a perfect score from the foul-line.

President Obama used his time on the late night talk venue to spread a full spectrum of generalities on subjects like health care coverage, our future policies dealing with terrorism, or how he put it - "Those folks over there," Iraq and Afghanistan and the economy. It was the perfect setup for a man who, behind close doors likes to dot every i and cross every t, but in a public forum such as this, prefers to paint with a very broad brush-stroke that is big in scope and very minute on detail - sort of Reagan-esq (in fact he even called on the Reagan name). But, let's face it - the Devil is in the details.

For those looking for that feel-good, "we got the right guy here" vibe then the President knocked it out of the ballpark with a grand slam homer. For those of us who can no longer get the same pleasure from just feeling good, he barely scored an undisputed infield single.

We don't need to be constantly told that we need to change the current health care coverage situation in this country, we are all bright enough to realize it needs fixing. Our question is -- "What's your actual plan?"

I will give the President cred for how he handled such questions as Iraq and the desire from some corners to either cut and run or increase our involvement in Afghanistan. His answers were thought-provoking, reasoned and the exact thing one wants to hear from their leader. He admitted, finally, that the world is a better and safer place without Sadaam Hussain holding the reins of power in Iraq, and kept to his promise that nearly all combat troops would be out of that country by the end of 2010 (or 2011 at the latest). When Dave suggested the President needed to move on a decision in Afghanistan, the President was quick to remind him, and all of us, that the situation there is not a simple one (just ask the Russians) and before he makes a final determination he will fully weigh the options of both sides drumming at his door because before he has to write another letter to a grieving parent or spouse about the loss of their loved one on foreign soil he wants to make sure that it was fully justified and necessary for the good of this nation's real security. However, in the most forthright statement ever delivered by him, either as a candidate or now as President, Obama made it perfectly clear that his primary job as the leader of this country and the main responsibility that voters gave him the office, was to defend and protect its borders, its people and its Constitution and that will be the foundation upon which he will make his final decision concerning our further military involvment in Afghanistan (or anywhere else we may be called upon to act). Good answer Mr. President. And, the audience thought so as well and responded with a huge applause.

On the various news outlets across the media much was made of Dave's "gushing" over the President. Sorry, didn't see that, other than his final comment to the President in which he stated "I love watching you work". What I did see was a truly engaged Letterman asking the same kinds of questions every citizen would love to be given the opportunity to ask our main leader face-to-face. What I didn't always get from the President was engrossing answers to most of them but the continued broad generalities one comes to expect from political leaders in office today. Can anyone ever simply answer Yes and No anymore?

I found very little to disagree with the President during his stint on Letterman. But, then again, there wasn't really a lot of substance there to agree or disagree with, so I turned off the tube after Dave waved goodnight feeling good about the last hour, feeling quite entertained, but not anymore knowledgeable about where the President is taking this nation then I did when he was introduced.

At least the President got something of substance from the show. He was gifted with a prized 2-year old heart-shaped potato by an audience member from the Show Me State of Missouri. I thought it was quite appropriate for the event.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Ever Watchful - Always Vigilant

What should be of upmost concern to Americans in these early days of the 21st Century? I am of the opinion that all our current problems and concerns should be wrapped in a whole-cloth made of keeping a watchful eye on increased government instrusion in the personal and business life of its citizens, excessive and overbearing Federal, State and Local government regulation, the ongoing threat of terrorism, both domestic and international in origin, and ensuring the exercise of individual liberties guaranteed by this nation's Constitution, Declaration of Independance and Bill of Rights.

These were the same and similiar battles that past great leaders such as Ronald Reagan, John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson warned their contemporaries of and the same one's we, as freedom-loving Americans, must remain ever vigilant to protect and defend.

Presidential Qualifers

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