Thursday, September 10, 2009

Rep. Joe Wilson Has No Reason to Apologize

During President Obama's speech last night (09/09/09) before the full Congress one emotionally charged representative shouted out "You Lie," during a poignant moment in the speech that dealt with Obama's health care proposal, how it would be paid for and the status of illegal aliens as it pertains to the bill. The discontented comment could be distinctly heard as it came during a lull in the speech and applause.

That member of the House was Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, and I deem him as a patriot in the same vein as our early founders for freely speaking out his disdain at what the President was saying since it was quite obvious to anyone with even a half a brain that Obama was once again shrilling political partisanship and hard left-leaning rhetoric in a speech that was suppose to bring healing between the parties and clarity to the issue of exactly where the President stood on health care reform and just how he would implement and pay for said plan.

Members of the event from both sides of the aisle were aghast at Wilson's "lack of decorum" during the event and even Wilson himself later apologized for blurting out his comment.

Listen Joe, you need not apologize for anything done or said last night. You exercised your right as a citizen of this country and as a leader of a large constituency of voting American citizens who oppose the President's slide into socialized, government-run health care coverage. You have nothing to be ashamed of, nor do you need to concern yourself over other members of your own party who judged you or the ugly leer from that hack sitting in the Speaker's chair. I congratulate you for your strength of character and willingness to hold back because if you are like most Americans who oppose the President's plan and his lefty croonies on this hot-potato issue then yelling "you lie" was likely just the tip of the iceberg of what you could have shouted out. If President Obama had been living and delivering this speech as little as 100 years ago he would have just as likely had a tomato or worse thrown at him from a fellow congressman.

Wilson was quite civil and used proper decorum. When did it become un-statesmanlike to shout out a disagreement at our President from a fellow elected official or even an average citizen? When did we become less of a democratic republic founded on the bedrock of independent thinking and right of expression? I must have missed the memo that said being politically correct and agreeably quiet at a time of sharp differences is now the accepted norm.

Rep. Joe Wilson - a word to you. You keep right on voicing your concern over this President's or any other person's policies that you find reprehensible. That goes for the rest of the citizens of this country as well because the minute we put aside our basic, constitutionally guaranteed rights for the sake of civility and PC-like behavoir is the day you can kiss the country's existence goodbye.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Obama's Speech to School Kids -- Adults Need to Hear It Too!

Today President Obama delivered a speech via a classroom in Virginia, through the internet and Live TV to school students from kindergarten through 12th grade of high school. It was probably his most memorable speech and a truly Presidential moment since coming to office nearly 9 months ago.

It wasn't political or partisan in nature, but given from the heart of a father who has his own school-aged children.

The President kept focused on the issue at hand, American kids and their future leadership of this country and the world, and how those seeds of leadership are being sown in their lives now by their learning and school studying habits.

I can easily see the President sitting down with his two daughters and giving them this same speech in the comfort of their living room. That is how he came across, a caring father giving straight forward, real experienced-learned advice to the next two generations who will take this nation further into this millenium.

There was no hint of liberalism or conservatism or any kind of ism in his heart-to-heart talk with our nation's kids. He told it truthfully, honestly, heartfully and without any political bull or mud-slinging.

He reminded us all of the responsibility inherent within all of us in ensuring kids get the best opportunity to learn and grow. Parents, teachers, government leaders, but most importantly, the President stressed the importance of the responsibility the children have for their own learning.

One of the most memorable lines from the speech was -- "Where you are right now doesn't have to determine where you'll end up. No one's written your destiny for you. Here in America, you write your own destiny. You make your own future."

Those are the words of an American President. Not a liberal, not a conservative, not a moderate, not a socialist, but simply a man, a father, a President concerned for the future of this nation's kids and this nation's role.

Kudos Mr. President. Now, can you show this same kind of leadership and non-partisanship for the other important issues before us today? If you can, then like Presidents Kennedy and Reagan before you, nothing will impede the success and progess of America as the role model for a true democratic republic, purveyor of good will and protector of the people.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Michael Moore - Fat, Nuts and Evil

Some filmmakers are brilliant, others ordinary and some just plain crazy or deluded. However, the so-called documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is not crazy, but I do think he is nuts and evil in the extreme.

In the beginning I believe Mr. Moore really did intend to simply expose some of the rot that was festering within the roots of the American culture. His first big success was as a writer and director with "Roger and Me." This 1989 film honestly exposed some of the corruption that led to the General Motors plant closing in Flint, Michigan which cost the jobs of over 30,000 employees. The film showed Moore's journey in trying to interview then GM CEO Roger Smith. It was critically praised and was Moore's only true documentary. He had no personal agenda or any kind of political axe to grind (if so he didn't reveal it in this film), but simply sought out the truth behind the plant closing.

Following the success of "Roger and Me" came "Bowling for Columbine". And, while Moore did begin with a sincere look at some American citizen's dogmatic love of guns, it quickly slid into an undeserved view that all gun owners were crazed maniacs on the prowl to shoot anything that moves. The film did offer up a poignant and in-depth interview of both the anti and pro gun lobbies found in the United States. The film also successfully exposed some disturbing elements that can be found within American culture, tendencies of overt violence made more violent by the use of easily obtainable handguns, but then Moore, in his own angry way came off preachy, the last thing a true documentary should ever convey.

His last two films "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Sicko" dropped all pretentiousness to being a documentary and were overt expressions of Moore's own paranoia, socialist agenda and quick slide into self-centered expose'.

Now comes his newest venture titled "Capitalism: A Love Story". This film claims that Moore is returning to his roots of documentary filmmaking and, like his ever expanding waistline, has bloated up to take on, not just General Motors, but the entire corporate mindset that is behind every aspect of the American way of life known by its more simplistic name of capitalism. Moore sets out to expose this corporate evil dogma of capitalism claiming it is at the heart of all that is wrong with the United States, how it is spreading and corrupting the rest of the planet. Moore uses the "evils" of capitalism as the blame for all the world's ills...its propensity for violence, abuse, its lies and betrayals and the basic cause of why we humans, particularly those evil Americans, act and do the things we do. If we could only remove capitalism from the equation, according to Moore, then all would be right with the world. This film leaves no room for doubt that Michael Moore is beyond nuts. He is a man with the capitalistic means to spread his evil agenda of destroying the foundations of what made this country a beacon of modern human civilization. A country that millions of people have run to for a chance to succeed in life, not run and hide from. A country that still opens its borders to those who wish to come here legally and if willing to work hard can have the same opportunity as all those who came before to make a better life for themselves, their families and their prosperity. Moore, with his hate of the very foundations of this democratic republic, is out to destroy that very ideal. Moore sums up his film by saying "Capitalism is an evil, and you cannot regulate evil." What is unique here is that this is the only country on the planet in which Mr. Moore could ever succeed in expressing his evil views so publicly without fear of imprisonment or governmental interference with his ever-expanding personal lifestyle. That evil U.S. Constitution, the same one that allows gun ownership, also guarantees Mr. Moore that right of self-expression, as it does me to print this column.

And, he stands to make a pretty penny doing it as well. So much for the evils of capitalism and democracy.

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