Thursday, September 17, 2009

Which Weighs More in Lady Justice's Scale - Rudness or Lies

I've been down and out for a few days with a cold/flu (not H1N1) so will make this next entry a short one. It still deals with Rep. Wilson's outburst and response to a lying President.

Those who have been supporting Wilson's nailing Obama as a liar have been getting flack. Those in support of calling for Wilson's censure or discipline state his remark was rude, unproffessional and one past president (Jimmy Carter) even called his remark racist. Now that has gone just too far and Carter, already near the bottom of my list as a great person has now plunged himself into the depths of hell as far as I am concerned. It seems the only one's raising the race card in this are those with a mind vacant of a good argument and know they don't have truth on their, whip out the tried and true rascism charge.

Everyone continues to be caught up in Wilson's outburst and forgetting the why of it all. Simply put.....Obama was lying to the American people from his bully pulpit presented to him by his majority-holding House members. Wilson just called him out for the lie. Somehow all this self-righteous rhetoric from those calling the congressman rude miss the overeaching fact of President Obama's blatant lie. I guess in our so-so politically correct world the scales of justice between being "impolite" or "rude" for outweigh being a liar.

But then again, perhaps we 60's radicals who didn't bypass that era may be a little more sensitive to lies when we hear them spoken so eloguently and smoothly as being the truth. Nearly all of us babyboomers came into this world fresh off the heals of the greatest liar of the 20th Century (Hitler) and we heard the same kind of smooth-talking lies for over 40 years from the likes of Johnson, Nixon, Clinton and GW Bush. It's a shame we didn't have someone sitting in the House chamber calling them out when those killers of humanity were in office. Well, the Dems did boo GW. I guess that counts for something.

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